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Activity 23-15: Testing Kirchhoff's Loop Rule

This unit calls for a trim pot so students can adjust one of the resistances in circuit 23-12. Some designs of the breadboard-mountable trim pots are very inconvenient for students to adjust because the screw adjustment causes the pot to tilt or twist out of the breadboard and takes two hands. The flat kind illustrated in the Activity Guide is the best because the screwdriver pushes down during adjustment and it is very stable.

Comparison of trim pot designs and their perceived usability

Here are my recommedations vis à vis trim pots:

Part # 3006 3386 3296
Description Long, narrow, side adjust, 10-turn Square flat, top adjust, 1-turn Square, narrow top adjust, 10-turn
Recommendation No good, avoid Good Not so good, ok if accurate adjustment is needed.