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Unit 1 Session 1

Hand out Activity Guides

The activity guides are pre-paid with the course fees. There is usually some attrition during the first days of class so it is advisable to hand out only the Activity Guides for the first two or three units and the Philosophy and Principles handout on the first day of classes.

Equipment needed for each group

Tote basket with stuff for baseball throwing measurements

  • 3 baseballs
  • stopwatch
  • 30-m tape measure

In addition there needs to be a number line on the floor marking every metre for the total distance of 12 m. The number line usually remains from the previous semester, but can be reconstructed by the students if necessary.


We start using Excel today.  Students enter their data in an online form (vcollect.html) which collects all the class data in a file (vfile.txt) that everyone can access.