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Study, study, study! Know yourself, face your fears, beat the crap out of them and prove them wrong!!
  Study Tips

  • Know yourself - if math is your nemesis, face it, put the time in, don't be afraid to ask for help
  • Pre-read - even if you don't understand the weekly required reading; the pre-reading combined with the lecture will make it all become clear.
  • Read on the bus, during your breaks at work, or waiting at the doctor's office. It all adds up and it doesn't seem as daunting.
  • The internet is an excellent resource for help. It offers various sites that offer assistance with various subjects such as Statistics.
  • Organize a study group.Hearing what others have to say can be very helpful.
  • Review your notes after class and at least 24 hours within taking the class. Your retention of information is much greater.
  • Review and Study what you DON'T know NOT what you do know.
  • Make use of the tutorials that are offered. The teachers do this for a reason.
  • Familiarize yourself with the MLA format for writing papers, you'll most likely use this style.
  • Read your essays aloud - no it's not crazy. It becomes very apparent what doesn't make sense or what doesn't flow.
  • Worried about your writing ability?  Check this book out:  Style: 10 lessons in Clarity and Grace by Joseph M. Williams.
  • Find a classmate you trust and send your essay to him or her. A fresh pair of eyes makes a world of difference.
  • If frustrated with an assignment - take a break. Go for a short walk, get a coffee or surf the internet. Clearing your mind will help you look at the problem in a different light.
  • Brush up on your microsoft office skills if they're rusty.
  • Keep track of your homework/study time on this File:Homework template.doc.
  • Get a mentor.
  • Try using the Cornell note taking method:  File:Cornellsystem.pdf.
  • Use SFU Sakai for collabortive projects.

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Financial Tips

  • Contact your bank, they may be of help.
  • review your organizational policy on education.
  • If you belong to a union, ask them about bursaries
  • If you are looking for support from your employer, try this Justification Letter:  File:Justificationletter.doc

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Electronic Library Tips

  • Log on to the SFU site

Choose the location  'Burnaby' rather than 'Vancouver

Go to Library Services / Journal Articles and Databases

Then browse the database by 'Title' rather than 'Subject'.The description of the data bases are provided and it is faster finding information than searching by subject

Once you get the Database you want then you would search for your subject such as Public Art. It there are too many hits than narrow by using ' AND' to link more terms. Such as Public Art and Fund* or Public Art and Program or Public Art and History*. The * will find all variant word endings so funds, funding, etc. Most databases use * but some might use another symbol ( frequently $ ).

Of course don't be afraid to contact the Librarians. They have tons of information and are happy to share.

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