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SFU Instructors and the SFU Wiki service

Some assignments may lend themselves to using the SFU Public Wiki service.  You do not need to request access: the Wiki is open to reading by the world, and editable only by people with an SFU Computing Account (that means all students, faculty and students). This is a good place to introduce the ideas of public scholarship and collaborative knowledge building with a large audience.

If you are teaching a class and would like to use a separate Wiki for that class instead of using the public wiki, email us at wiki@sfu.ca

Let us know who should have access to your wiki.  The members of the wiki can be any combination of:

  • the enrolled students for any number or combination of class sections
  • members of any number and combination of SFU maillists
  • a list of individual people 

Examples of using a wiki for teaching:

Example of public scholarship at University of Washington