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Gatherer Jacket from Merrell

Representative Images


hand-drawn sketch

CCI01142009 00001.jpg

This piece of design, the Gatherer jacket by Merrell, is a really thoughtful piece of design without anything high tech incorporated. The Gatherer jacket is equipped with insulation pocket through the jacket’s body and sleeve. User can use from a variety of different materials, from toilet paper (indoor) to leaf (outdoor) from the ground, it could be any found materials that will keep the user warm. Merrell himself said, “We all know how quickly the weather can change from comfortable, to cold and back. Our Gatherer jacket lets the wearer adjust their own climate to the conditions using adaptive insulation pockets through the body and sleeve… The only limit to your ability to stay warm is your imagination.” It is up to the user’s need to adjust the warmth that will be given from their Gatherer jacket.

Critical comments found Online

The overall critical comments that were found online are leaning toward the negative side, since there was a fairly similar piece that was designed in 1993 by Tsumura (Japan). Also, the comments were also criticizing about the look of the jacket, “Taxi’s jacket is wayyyyy better looking than this Merrell one,” or “Interesting… a new way to spend ungodly sums of money to look like a homeless person. This is the best idea since dyed to look filthy and artificially worn out jean”.


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