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Group Activity on 3-body Collisions
Studio Physics refers to physics courses designed around the concept of integrating lectures, labs and tutorials into one course. Instruction takes place in a room called the Physics Studio that is designed to allow students to work collaboratively in groups. The SFU Physics Studio is in room SUR3980 on the Surrey Campus.
There are two first-year physics courses designed around the Studio principle: Physics 140 and Physics 141.
  • Physics 140 covers classical mechanics and relativity.
  • Physics 141 covers electricity, magnetism and optics and introductory quantum mechanics.

Completion of Physics 140 and 141 is equivalent to completing the lecture courses Physics 120 and 121 as well as the lab course Physics 131.

Studio versions of Physics 101 and Physics 102 are also taught on the Surrey campus.


  • TEAL Technology-assisted Active Learning at MIT