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Plan of Physics Studio and Physics Preparation Room
The Physics Studio has a floor area of approximately 144 square metres (1550 square feet) The front wall supports two 8-ft double layered sliding white boards. An instructor’s table with an intel iMac is in the front. The ceiling fluorescent lights can be dimmed by a controller near the students’ entrance.

In the studio are six student tables. Each table is seven feet in diameter and can seat up to nine students in groups of three. Each group of three has a complete set of equipment for the activities. There is a set of permanent apparatus on each table as follows:

View from behind Instructor's Table
  1. Mac mini (most have ppc processor, two are intel) with Physics Studio Software Suite
  2. 17” Dell monitor with 4 usb ports (on side and bottom)
  3. Power bar (8 outlets, 3 of which are widely space for wall-warts.)
  4. LabPro interface
  5. Mac wired keyboard
  6. Microsoft optical mouse with wheel
  7. Keyboard tray

In addition to the permanent equipment on the table each station has a rolling drawer tower for each course (Phys140 and Phys141) containing other equipment used in those courses.