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/* Any JavaScript here will be loaded for all users on every page load. */<br> 

<br>/*&lt;source lang="javascript"&gt;*/<br> <br>/** Collapsible tables *********************************************************<br> *<br> * Description: Allows tables to be collapsed, showing only the header. See<br> * [[:wikipedia:NavFrame|:wikipedia:NavFrame]].<br> * Maintainer on Wikipedia: [[User:R. Koot|User:R. Koot]]<br> */<br> <br>var autoCollapse = 2;<br>var collapseCaption = "hide";<br>var expandCaption = "show";<br> <br>function hasClass( element, className ) {<br> var Classes = element.className.split( " " );<br> for ( var i = 0; i &lt; Classes.length; i++ ) {<br> if ( Classes[i] == className ) {<br> return ( true );<br> }<br> }<br> return ( false );<br>}<br> <br>function collapseTable( tableIndex )<br>{<br> var Button = document.getElementById( "collapseButton" + tableIndex );<br> var Table = document.getElementById( "collapsibleTable" + tableIndex );<br> <br> if (&nbsp;!Table ||&nbsp;!Button ) {<br> return false;<br> }<br> <br> var Rows = Table.getElementsByTagName( "tr" ); <br> <br> if ( == collapseCaption ) {<br> for ( var i = 1; i &lt; Rows.length; i++ ) {<br> Rows[i].style.display = "none";<br> }<br> = expandCaption;<br> } else {<br> for ( var i = 1; i &lt; Rows.length; i++ ) {<br> Rows[i].style.display = Rows[0].style.display;<br> }<br> = collapseCaption;<br> }<br>}<br> <br>function createCollapseButtons()<br>{<br> var tableIndex = 0;<br> var NavigationBoxes = new Object();<br> var Tables = document.getElementsByTagName( "table" );<br> <br> for ( var i = 0; i &lt; Tables.length; i++ ) {<br> if ( hasClass( Tables[i], "collapsible" ) ) {<br> NavigationBoxes[ tableIndex ] = Tables[i];<br> Tables[i].setAttribute( "id", "collapsibleTable" + tableIndex );<br> <br> var Button = document.createElement( "span" );<br> var ButtonLink = document.createElement( "a" );<br> var ButtonText = document.createTextNode( collapseCaption );<br> <br> = "right";<br> = "right";<br> = "normal";<br> = "right";<br> = "6em";<br> <br> ButtonLink.setAttribute( "id", "collapseButton" + tableIndex );<br> ButtonLink.setAttribute( "href", "javascript:collapseTable(" + tableIndex + ");" );<br> ButtonLink.appendChild( ButtonText );<br> <br> Button.appendChild( document.createTextNode( "[" ) );<br> Button.appendChild( ButtonLink );<br> Button.appendChild( document.createTextNode( "]" ) );<br> <br> var Header = Tables[i].getElementsByTagName( "tr" )[0].getElementsByTagName( "th" )[0];<br> /* only add button and increment count if there is a header row to work with */<br> if (Header) {<br> Header.insertBefore( Button, Header.childNodes[0] );<br> tableIndex++;<br> }<br> }<br> }<br> <br> for ( var i = 0; i &lt; tableIndex; i++ ) {<br> if ( hasClass( NavigationBoxes[i], "collapsed" ) || ( tableIndex &gt;= autoCollapse &amp;&amp; hasClass( NavigationBoxes[i], "autocollapse" ) ) ) {<br> collapseTable( i );<br> }<br> }<br>}<br> <br>addOnloadHook( createCollapseButtons );<br> <br> <br>/** Dynamic Navigation Bars (experimental) *************************************<br>*<br>* Description: See [[:wikipedia:NavFrame|:wikipedia:NavFrame]].<br>* Maintainers: UNMAINTAINED<br>*/<br> <br>// set up the words in your language<br>var NavigationBarHide = '[' + collapseCaption + ']';<br>var NavigationBarShow = '[' + expandCaption + ']';<br> <br>// shows and hides content and picture (if available) of navigation bars<br>// Parameters:<br>// indexNavigationBar: the index of navigation bar to be toggled<br>function toggleNavigationBar(indexNavigationBar)<br>{<br> var NavToggle = document.getElementById("NavToggle" + indexNavigationBar);<br> var NavFrame = document.getElementById("NavFrame" + indexNavigationBar);<br> <br> if (!NavFrame ||&nbsp;!NavToggle) {<br> return false;<br> }<br> <br> // if shown now<br> if ( == NavigationBarHide) {<br> for (var NavChild = NavFrame.firstChild; NavChild&nbsp;!= null; NavChild = NavChild.nextSibling) {<br> if ( hasClass( NavChild, 'NavPic' ) ) {<br> = 'none';<br> }<br> if ( hasClass( NavChild, 'NavContent') ) {<br> = 'none';<br> }<br> }<br> = NavigationBarShow;<br> <br> // if hidden now<br> } else if ( == NavigationBarShow) {<br> for (var NavChild = NavFrame.firstChild; NavChild&nbsp;!= null; NavChild = NavChild.nextSibling) {<br> if (hasClass(NavChild, 'NavPic')) {<br> = 'block';<br> }<br> if (hasClass(NavChild, 'NavContent')) {<br> = 'block';<br> }<br> }<br> = NavigationBarHide;<br> }<br>}<br> <br>// adds show/hide-button to navigation bars<br>function createNavigationBarToggleButton()<br>{<br> var indexNavigationBar = 0;<br> // iterate over all &lt; div &gt;-elements <br> var divs = document.getElementsByTagName("div");<br> for (var i = 0; NavFrame = divs[i]; i++) {<br> // if found a navigation bar<br> if (hasClass(NavFrame, "NavFrame")) {<br> <br> indexNavigationBar++;<br> var NavToggle = document.createElement("a");<br> NavToggle.className = 'NavToggle';<br> NavToggle.setAttribute('id', 'NavToggle' + indexNavigationBar);<br> NavToggle.setAttribute('href', 'javascript:toggleNavigationBar(' + indexNavigationBar + ');');<br> <br> var NavToggleText = document.createTextNode(NavigationBarHide);<br> for (var NavChild = NavFrame.firstChild; NavChild&nbsp;!= null; NavChild = NavChild.nextSibling) {<br> if ( hasClass( NavChild, 'NavPic' ) || hasClass( NavChild, 'NavContent' ) ) {<br> if ( == 'none') {<br> NavToggleText = document.createTextNode(NavigationBarShow);<br> break;<br> }<br> }<br> }<br> <br> NavToggle.appendChild(NavToggleText);<br> // Find the NavHead and attach the toggle link (Must be this complicated because Moz's firstChild handling is borked)<br> for(var j=0; j &lt; NavFrame.childNodes.length; j++) {<br> if (hasClass(NavFrame.childNodes[j], "NavHead")) {<br> NavFrame.childNodes[j].appendChild(NavToggle);<br> }<br> }<br> NavFrame.setAttribute('id', 'NavFrame' + indexNavigationBar);<br> }<br> }<br>}<br> <br>addOnloadHook( createNavigationBarToggleButton );<br> <br> <br>//Shuffle for election candidates<br>function dshuf(){<br> var shufsets=new Object()<br> var rx=new RegExp('dshuf'+'\\s+(dshufset\\d+)', 'i') <br> var divs=document.getElementsByTagName("div")<br> for (var i=0; i&lt;divs.length; i++){<br> if (rx.test(divs[i].className)){<br> if (typeof shufsets[RegExp.$1]=="undefined"){ <br> shufsets[RegExp.$1]=new Object() <br> shufsets[RegExp.$1].inner=[] <br> shufsets[RegExp.$1].member=[]<br> }<br> shufsets[RegExp.$1].inner.push(divs[i].innerHTML) <br> shufsets[RegExp.$1].member.push(divs[i]) <br> }<br> }<br> for (shufset in shufsets){<br> shufsets[shufset].inner.sort(function() {return 0.5 - Math.random()})<br> for (var i=0; i&lt;shufsets[shufset].member.length; i++){<br> shufsets[shufset].member[i].innerHTML=shufsets[shufset].inner[i]<br> shufsets[shufset].member[i].style.display="block"<br> }<br> }<br> <br>}<br> <br>addOnloadHook(dshuf);<br> <br>/*************<br>*** AJAX transclusion table &lt;;<br>*** by [[M:user:Pathoschild|m:user:Pathoschild]]<br>*************/<br>function attLoader() {<br>if(getElementsByClassName(document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0],'table','attable').length) {<br> document.write('&lt;script type="text/javascript" src="'<br> + '' <br> + '&amp;action=raw&amp;ctype=text/javascript&amp;dontcountme=s"&gt;&lt;/script&gt;');<br>}<br>}<br>addOnloadHook(attLoader);<br> <br>/** JSconfig ************<br>* Global configuration options to enable/disable and configure<br>* specific script features from [[MediaWiki:Common.js|MediaWiki:Common.js]] and<br>* [[MediaWiki:Monobook.js|MediaWiki:Monobook.js]]<br>* This framework adds config options (saved as cookies) to [[Special:Preferences|Special:Preferences]]<br>* For a more permanent change you can override the default settings in your <br>* [[Special:Mypage/monobook.js|Special:Mypage/monobook.js]]<br>* for Example: JSconfig.keys[loadAutoInformationTemplate] = false;<br>*<br>* Maintainer: [[User:Dschwen|User:Dschwen]]<br>*/<br> <br>var JSconfig =<br>{<br>prefix&nbsp;: 'jsconfig_',<br>keys&nbsp;: {},<br>meta&nbsp;: {},<br> <br>//<br>// Register a new configuration item<br>// * name&nbsp;: String, internal name<br>// * default_value&nbsp;: String or Boolean (type determines configuration widget)<br>// * description&nbsp;: String, text appearing next to the widget in the preferences<br>// * prefpage&nbsp;: Integer (optional), section in the preferences to insert the widget:<br>// 0&nbsp;: User profile<br>// 1&nbsp;: Skin<br>// 2&nbsp;: Math<br>// 3&nbsp;: Files<br>// 4&nbsp;: Date and time<br>// 5&nbsp;: Editing<br>// 6&nbsp;: Recent changes<br>// 7&nbsp;: Watchlist<br>// 8&nbsp;: Search<br>// 9&nbsp;: Misc<br>//<br>// Access keys through JSconfig.keys[name]<br>//<br>registerKey&nbsp;: function( name, default_value, description, prefpage )<br>{<br> if( typeof(JSconfig.keys[name]) == 'undefined' ) <br> JSconfig.keys[name] = default_value;<br> else {<br> <br> // all cookies are read as strings, <br> // convert to the type of the default value<br> switch( typeof(default_value) )<br> {<br> case 'boolean'&nbsp;: JSconfig.keys[name] = ( JSconfig.keys[name] == 'true' ); break;<br> case 'number'&nbsp;: JSconfig.keys[name] = JSconfig.keys[name]/1; break;<br> }<br> <br> }<br> <br> JSconfig.meta[name] = { 'description'&nbsp;: description, 'page'&nbsp;: prefpage || 0, 'default_value'&nbsp;: default_value };<br>},<br> <br>readCookies&nbsp;: function()<br>{<br> var cookies = document.cookie.split("; ");<br> var p =JSconfig.prefix.length;<br> var i;<br> <br> for( var key in cookies )<br> {<br> if( cookies[key].substring(0,p) == JSconfig.prefix )<br> {<br> i = cookies[key].indexOf('=');<br> //alert( cookies[key] + ',' + key + ',' + cookies[key].substring(p,i) );<br> JSconfig.keys[cookies[key].substring(p,i)] = cookies[key].substring(i+1);<br> }<br> }<br>},<br> <br>writeCookies&nbsp;: function()<br>{<br> for( var key in JSconfig.keys )<br> document.cookie = JSconfig.prefix + key + '=' + JSconfig.keys[key] + '; path=/; expires=Thu, 2 Aug 2009 10:10:10 UTC';<br>},<br> <br>evaluateForm&nbsp;: function()<br>{<br> var w_ctrl,wt;<br> //alert('about to save JSconfig');<br> for( var key in JSconfig.meta ) {<br> w_ctrl = document.getElementById( JSconfig.prefix + key )<br> if( w_ctrl ) <br> {<br> wt = typeof( JSconfig.meta[key].default_value );<br> switch( wt ) {<br> case 'boolean'&nbsp;: JSconfig.keys[key] = w_ctrl.checked; break;<br> case 'string'&nbsp;: JSconfig.keys[key] = w_ctrl.value; break;<br> }<br> }<br> }<br> <br> JSconfig.writeCookies();<br> return true;<br>},<br> <br>setUpForm&nbsp;: function()<br>{ <br> var prefChild = document.getElementById('preferences');<br> if(&nbsp;!prefChild ) return;<br> prefChild = prefChild.childNodes;<br> <br> //<br> // make a list of all preferences sections<br> //<br> var tabs = new Array;<br> var len = prefChild.length;<br> for( var key = 0; key &lt; len; key++ ) {<br> if( prefChild[key].tagName &amp;&amp;<br> prefChild[key].tagName.toLowerCase() == 'fieldset' ) <br> tabs.push(prefChild[key]);<br> }<br> <br> //<br> // Create Widgets for all registered config keys<br> //<br> var w_div, w_label, w_ctrl, wt;<br> for( var key in JSconfig.meta ) {<br> w_div = document.createElement( 'DIV' );<br> <br> w_label = document.createElement( 'LABEL' );<br> w_label.appendChild( document.createTextNode( JSconfig.meta[key].description ) )<br> w_label.htmlFor = JSconfig.prefix + key;<br> <br> wt = typeof( JSconfig.meta[key].default_value );<br> <br> w_ctrl = document.createElement( 'INPUT' );<br> = JSconfig.prefix + key;<br> <br> // before insertion into the DOM tree<br> switch( wt ) {<br> case 'boolean'&nbsp;: w_ctrl.type = 'checkbox'; break;<br> case 'string'&nbsp;: w_ctrl.type = 'text'; break;<br> }<br> <br> w_div.appendChild( w_label );<br> w_div.appendChild( w_ctrl );<br> tabs[JSconfig.meta[key].page].appendChild( w_div );<br> <br> // after insertion into the DOM tree<br> switch( wt ) {<br> case 'boolean'&nbsp;: w_ctrl.defaultChecked = w_ctrl.checked = JSconfig.keys[key]; break;<br> case 'string'&nbsp;: w_ctrl.defaultValue = w_ctrl.value = JSconfig.keys[key]; break;<br> }<br> <br> }<br> addHandler(document.getElementById('preferences').parentNode, 'submit', JSconfig.evaluateForm );<br>}<br>}<br> <br>JSconfig.readCookies();<br>addOnloadHook(JSconfig.setUpForm);<br> <br>// ability to pull [[MediaWiki:Gadget-rtl.css|MediaWiki:Gadget-rtl.css]] on individual page loads by [[Testwiki:User:Splarka|testwiki:User:Splarka]] and [[Wm2008:User:Mr.Z-man|wm2008:User:Mr.Z-man]]<br>function importStylesheet(page) {<br> if (page.indexOf('http://') == -1 &amp;&amp; page.indexOf('https://') == -1 &amp;&amp; page.indexOf('file:///') == -1)<br> page = wgScript + '?action=raw&amp;ctype=text/css&amp;smaxage=0&amp;title='<br> + encodeURIComponent(page.replace(/ /g,'_'))<br> return document.createStyleSheet&nbsp;? document.createStyleSheet(page)&nbsp;: appendCSS('@import "' + page + '";')<br>}<br> <br>function appendCSS(text){<br>var s = document.createElement('style')<br>s.setAttribute('type', 'text/css')<br>if (s.styleSheet) s.styleSheet.cssText = text //IE<br>else s.appendChild(document.createTextNode(text))<br>document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(s)<br>return s<br>}<br> <br>if(document.URL.indexOf('rtl=1')&nbsp;!= -1) importStylesheet(';action=raw&amp;ctype=text/css');<br> <br>//import module<br>importedScripts = {} <br>function importScript(page, lang) {<br>page = '?title=' + encodeURIComponent(page.replace(' ','_'))<br>if (lang) page = 'http://' + lang + '' + page<br>else page = wgScript + page<br>if (importedScripts[page]) return<br>importedScripts[page] = true<br>var s = document.createElement('script')<br>s.type = 'text/javascript'<br>s.src = page + '&amp;action=raw&amp;ctype=text/javascript'<br>document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(s)<br>}<br> <br>// Fix links like User:Example@somewiki. Author: VasilievVV, with modifications by Kalan and attempted rewrite by Splarka<br>if(wgCanonicalSpecialPageName == 'Log' || wgCanonicalSpecialPageName == 'Recentchanges')<br> importScript('MediaWiki:Common.js/interlinker.js')<br> <br> if(wgCanonicalSpecialPageName == 'GlobalBlock' &amp;&amp; window.wgUserGroups &amp;&amp; wgUserGroups.join(' ').indexOf('steward')&nbsp;!= -1)<br> addOnloadHook(function() {<br> document.getElementById('wpAnonOnly').checked = true;<br> addHandler(document.forms['uluser'],'submit',addblocktype);<br> });<br> <br> function addblocktype() { // DerHexer<br> if (document.getElementById('wpAnonOnly').checked == true) {<br> document.getElementById('mw-globalblocking-block-reason').getElementsByTagName('input')[0].value += ' (sb)';<br> } else {<br> document.getElementById('mw-globalblocking-block-reason').getElementsByTagName('input')[0].value += ' (hb)';<br> }<br> }<br> <br>// stolen from [[:commons:MediaWiki:Common.js|:commons:MediaWiki:Common.js]] by [[:commons:User:Remember_the_dot|:commons:User:Remember_the_dot]] - thanks<br>// Import language-specific stylesheet, especially useful for languages like German that have (un)usual capitalization rules<br>//<br>importStylesheet("MediaWiki:" + skin + ".css/" + wgUserLanguage);<br> <br>/**<br> * Implements language selection for multilingual elements<br> * <br> * In certain environments, it's not feasible to neatly box away each<br> * different language into its own section of the site. By marking elements<br> * multilingual, you can emulate this behavior by only displaying the <br> * message in the user's language. This reduced the "Tower of Babel" effect.<br> * <br> * @author Edward Z. Yang (Ambush Commander)<br> * @version $Id: language_select.js 1358 2007-02-19 15:34:59Z Edward $<br> */<br> <br>/* Configuration: */<br> <br>// in your monobook.js, set ls_enable = false to stop the javascript<br>// maybe it should be cookie configurable. However, you can achieve<br>// something almost to this effect through cookie settings<br>var ls_enable = true;<br> <br>// the cookie name we use to stash the info.<br>// change this if you are porting it to another wiki!<br>var ls_cookie = 'metawiki_language_js';<br> <br>// link to the language select page<br>var ls_help_url = '';<br> <br>// strings that are part of the widgets<br>var ls_string_help = 'Language select:';<br>var ls_string_select = 'Select';<br>var ls_string_showall = 'Show all';<br> <br>// define some meta-variables<br>var ls__first = true; // the first iteration?<br> <br>// node compatability fix<br>if (!window.Node) {<br> var Node = {<br> ELEMENT_NODE&nbsp;: 1,<br> ATTRIBUTE_NODE: 2,<br> TEXT_NODE: 3,<br> COMMENT_NODE: 8,<br> DOCUMENT_NODE: 9,<br> DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT_NODE: 11<br> };<br>}<br> <br>// autodetects a browser language<br>function ls_getBrowserLanguage() {<br> var language;<br> // borrowed from Wikimedia's site error notice<br> // find the language<br> if (navigator.userLanguage) {<br> // use the user's preferred language (non-Gecko)<br> language = navigator.userLanguage;<br> } else if (navigator.appName == 'Netscape') {<br> // use the only language information available to Gecko<br> language = navigator.language;<br> } else {<br> // get the browser language information in non-Gecko browsers<br> // (IE, Opera, Konqueror)<br> language = navigator.browserLanguage;<br> }<br> return language;<br>}<br> <br>// grabs language from cookie<br>function ls_getCookieLanguage() {<br> var allcookies = document.cookie;<br> var marker = ls_cookie + '=';<br> var pos = allcookies.indexOf(marker);<br> <br> // cookie isn't set, so no behavior defined<br> if (pos === -1) return null;<br> <br> // cookie is set<br> var start = pos + marker.length;<br> var end = allcookies.indexOf(';', start);<br> if (end == -1) end = allcookies.length;<br> <br> var raw = allcookies.substring(start,end);<br> var value = unescape(raw);<br> <br> return value;<br>}<br> <br>// sets a new language to the cookie<br>function ls_setCookieLanguage(language) {<br> var today = new Date();<br> var expiry = new Date(today.getUTCFullYear() + 30, 1);<br> document.cookie = ls_cookie + '=' + escape(language) + '; expires=' + expiry.toGMTString();<br>}<br> <br>// deletes the cookie<br>function ls_deleteCookieLanguage(language) {<br> document.cookie = ls_cookie + '=; expires=Fri, 02-Jan-1970 00:00:00 GMT';<br>}<br> <br>// grabs the ISO 639 language code based<br>// on either the browser or a supplied cookie<br>// return of "mul" will display all available strings<br>function ls_getLanguage() {<br> var language = '';<br> <br> // Priority:<br> // 1. Cookie<br> // 2. wgUserLanguage global variable<br> // 3. Browser autodetection<br> <br> // grab according to cookie<br> language = ls_getCookieLanguage();<br> <br> // grab according to wgUserLanguage<br> if (!language &amp;&amp; window.wgUserLanguage) {<br> language = wgUserLanguage;<br> }<br> <br> // grab according to browser if none defined<br> if (!language) {<br> language = ls_getBrowserLanguage();<br> }<br> <br> // inflexible: can't accept multiple languages<br> <br> // remove dialect/region code, leaving only the ISO 639 code<br> var length;<br> // possible bug: supposedly the language string could be en_US<br> // switch to regexps when we get the chance<br> if ((length = language.indexOf('-'))&nbsp;!== -1) {<br> language = language.substr(0, length);<br> }<br> <br> return language;<br>}<br> <br>// walks all child elements and finds all elements with multilingual in them<br>function ls_getAllMultilingualElements(n) {<br> var elements = new Array();<br> // possible bug if we have a classname that includes the word multilingual<br> // but it's unlikely<br> if (n.className &amp;&amp; n.className.indexOf('multilingual')&nbsp;!= -1) {<br> elements = elements.concat(n);<br> }<br> var children = n.childNodes;<br> for(var i=0; i &lt; children.length; i++) {<br> if (children[i].nodeType&nbsp;!== Node.ELEMENT_NODE) continue;<br> elements = elements.concat(ls_getAllMultilingualElements(children[i]));<br> }<br> return elements;<br>}<br> <br>// walks a hash and hides all non-matching languages<br>function ls_hideAllExcept(lang_element_hash, language) {<br> for (var n in lang_element_hash) {<br> if (n == language) {<br> lang_element_hash[n].style.display = '';<br> } else {<br> lang_element_hash[n].style.display = 'none';<br> }<br> }<br>}<br> <br>// walks a hash and shows all languages<br>function ls_showAll(lang_element_hash) {<br> for (var n in lang_element_hash) {<br> if (lang_element_hash[n].style.display) {<br> lang_element_hash[n].style.display = '';<br> }<br> }<br>}<br> <br>// build widget for changing the language cookie<br>function ls_buildWidget(language) {<br> <br> // set up the floating form<br> var form = document.createElement('form');<br> form.className = 'lang_info';<br> form.onsubmit = function() {<br> if (this.elements[2].ls_mul_flag) {<br> this.elements[2].ls_mul_flag = false;<br> var language = 'mul';<br> var temporary = true;<br> } else {<br> ls_setCookieLanguage(this.elements[0].value);<br> var language = this.elements[0].value;<br> var temporary = false;<br> }<br> ls_applyLanguageSelect(language, temporary);<br> <br> return false; // don't perform action<br> };<br> form.appendSpace = function() {<br> this.appendChild(document.createTextNode(' '));<br> };<br> <br> // link to language select description page<br> var link = document.createElement('a');<br> link.href = ls_help_url;<br> link.className = 'ls_link';<br> link.appendChild(document.createTextNode(ls_string_help));<br> form.appendChild(link);<br> <br> form.appendSpace();<br> <br> // input box for the language<br> var input = document.createElement('input');<br> input.setAttribute('type', 'text');<br> input.setAttribute('size', '2');<br>// input.setAttribute('maxlength', '7');<br> input.onclick = function() {; };<br> input.className = 'ls_input';<br> input.value = language;<br> form.appendChild(input);<br> <br> form.appendSpace();<br> <br> // save button<br> var submit = document.createElement('input');<br> submit.setAttribute('type', 'submit');<br> submit.value = ls_string_select;<br> submit.className = 'ls_select';<br> form.appendChild(submit);<br> <br> form.appendSpace();<br> <br> // show all button <br> // equivalent to setting input box to "mul" and pressing save<br> var showall = document.createElement('input');<br> showall.setAttribute('type', 'submit');<br> showall.value = ls_string_showall;<br> showall.onclick = function() {<br> this.ls_mul_flag = true;<br> };<br> form.appendChild(showall);<br> <br> return form;<br> <br>}<br> <br>// main body of the function<br>function ls_applyLanguageSelect(language, temporary) {<br> <br> // possible site for cookie checking to disable language select<br> if (!ls_enable) return;<br> <br> // if language is blank, delete the cookie and then recalculate<br> if (!language) {<br> ls_deleteCookieLanguage();<br> language = ls_getLanguage();<br> }<br> <br> // grab the body element (only one)<br> var body = document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0];<br> <br> // grab an array of multilingual elements<br> var mls = ls_getAllMultilingualElements(body);<br> <br> // this will get overwritten many times, temporary variable<br> var form, language_element_hash;<br> <br> // iterate through all those elements<br> for (var i = 0; i &lt; mls.length; i++) {<br> var ml = mls[i]; // the current multilingual container<br> var ml_c = ml.childNodes; // children of the container<br> <br> // if it's the first iteration...<br> if (ls__first) {<br> form = ls_buildWidget(language);<br> ml.appendChild(form, ml_c[0]);<br> } else {<br> // update widget<br> form = ml_c[ml_c.length - 1]; // form is last element<br> if (!temporary) {<br> form.elements[0].value = language;<br> form.elements[0].removeAttribute('disabled');<br> form.elements[2].removeAttribute('disabled');<br> } else {<br> form.elements[0].setAttribute('disabled', 'disabled');<br> form.elements[2].setAttribute('disabled', 'disabled');<br> }<br> }<br> <br> form.elements[0].style.background="#FFF";<br> <br> // tells us whether or not to blindly perform the keep<br> var message_exists = false;<br> <br> // iterate through all languages and set up a hash<br> // with references to each of the language nodes<br> lang_element_hash = new Object();<br> for (var j = 0; j &lt; ml_c.length; j++) {<br> var n = ml_c[j];<br> if (n.nodeType&nbsp;!= Node.ELEMENT_NODE) continue; // skip non-elements<br> if (!n.lang) continue; // skip non-language specific elements<br> if (n.lang.indexOf(language) === 0) {<br> // it turns out our language is here<br> message_exists = true;<br> }<br> lang_element_hash[n.lang] = n;<br> }<br> <br> // if a preferred language was kept, do quickest processing<br> if (message_exists) {<br> ls_hideAllExcept(lang_element_hash, language);<br> continue;<br> }<br> <br> // otherwise, nothing happened, this means that it wasn't found<br> <br> // if it's not the first time, repaint all of them<br> if (!ls__first) {<br> ls_showAll(lang_element_hash);<br> }<br> <br> if (language&nbsp;!= 'mul') {<br> form.elements[0].style.background="#FCC";<br> }<br> <br> }<br> <br> // we've already processed once<br> ls__first = false;<br> <br>}<br> <br>function ls_applyDefaultLanguageSelect() {<br> ls_applyLanguageSelect(ls_getLanguage(), false);<br>}<br> <br>// register as onload function (there must be a better way)<br>if (window.addEventListener) {<br> window.addEventListener("load", ls_applyDefaultLanguageSelect, false);<br>} else if (window.attachEvent) {<br> window.attachEvent("onload", ls_applyDefaultLanguageSelect);<br>}''