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Simon Fraser University Public Wiki.

Welcome to the Simon Fraser University Wiki. This wiki is visible to everybody without logging in.

If you want to edit pages, you must log in with your SFU Computing Account. Everybody with an SFU Computing Account can edit the content on this Wiki.

There will be a very few pages like this "Main Page" that will not be editable because they provide instructions or guidelines. Otherwise, create or edit pages that you need and/or would like to share with others.

To learn how to use the Wiki software, take a look at User's Guide. However, it's very easy to get started just by 'playing around.' Here are a couple of tips on how to start:

To create a new page

i) Use the search box on the right to search from some text that you might want to put in the Wiki.  

ii) If the page doesn't already exist, the Wiki software will give you the option of creating the page. simply click on the link and the page will be created for you. iii) you can now edit the page. Click on the edit tab near the top of the page.

If instead you would like to add a new page from an existing page, create an internal link to the name you'd like to give to the page. When you are finished editing, the page name will be highlighted as an internal link. When you click the link, the Wiki software will give you the option of creating the new page.

eg. The editing markup would look something like this

This is a link to [[my new page]].

...and it will look something like this on the Wiki itself (try something other than "my new page" if you want to create a new page, of course :-) )

This is a link to my new page