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IAT 206 Final Project Grant proposal
YuBin Sun 301127167 E101

Ben Sun 301127167 Amanda 301151922 Wayne 301077349 Ting 301051187


Nowadays, Globalism lead different cultures learn each other. And it also create multicultural. Media is one of the most important roles in the communication between cultures. Horror movie is an interesting element when one culture communicates to the other culture.
Horror movie could said all of them are similar, someone dead or get killed by vengeful spirit, ghost or something we don’t know. Horror movies base on scare viewers but they just have different background story or visual effect. But actually Asian horror movies are totally different from the west horror movies. One of the best examples is The Ring (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ring_(2002_film)). The original of this movie was manga, and then in 1998 Japanese film it into a movie in Japan. It affects a lot Asian viewers, people love this movie, and they love how the writer makes up this story. So after four years, American films the English vision in 2002 called The Ring. For last ten years more and more Asian Horror movies get revision and come to west.
So we decide to do our Final Project base on doing research for horror movies and do an interactive website. First we are going to look for couple attracting horror movies or viewers feel scared after watching it. Then we will cut the movies into small clips and place two or more clips from the other movie that is probably just the same or similar storyline but different vision and actors. Second we will do research or interview for couple viewers after we show them our movie clips, and we will organize what they said and comes up a result and post it on website. The result will base on the concepts. The concepts we are going to use could be globalism, culture interface, multicultural and Orientalism Occidentalism.


When I’m doing the research on Asian and Western horror. I found one interesting article called Discussion: The differences between Asian and Western horror, or, why Asian horror rocks. It points out something interesting and lots Asian horror movies do have similar issue about it. It said “it is rarely a case in Asian horror that the ghost or monster is simply there to terrorise characters, there is always a deeper reason for its arrival, for its tenacity and for its endurance”( http://hailhorrors.blogspot.ca/2012/03/discussion-differences-between-asian.html
) almost all the ghosts in Asian horror movies follow this thing. This is one of the different between Weston and Asian movies; also the cultures different cause it. Nowadays, some of the best Asian horror movies get remake and comes to other area in the world cause globalism.
The Ring is the best example for that. It was a popular novel in Japan in 1991, and they make it into movie in 1998. It was the most famous horror movies in Asian area, so American decides to remake a western one in 2002. They didn’t change the storyline. So here is a short summary of The Ring.

“A disturbing videotape appears to hold the power of life and death over those who view it in this offbeat thriller. A strange videotape begins making the rounds in a town in the Pacific Northwest; it is full of bizarre and haunting images, and after watching it, many viewers receive a telephone call in which they are warned they will die in seven days. A handful of teenagers who watched the tape while spending a weekend at a cabin in the mountains scoff at the threat, but as predicted, they all die suddenly on the same night. Rachel Keller (Naomi_Watts), the aunt of one of the ill-fated teens, is a journalist who has decided to investigate the matter and travels West with her young son, Aidan (David_Dorfman), a troubled child who has been drawing pictures of strange and ominous visions. Rachel managed to find the cabin in the woods and watches the video herself; afterward, she receives the same phone call, and realizes she must solve the puzzle of the video and the person or persons behind it within a week. Rachel turns to her ex, Noah (Martin_Henderson), an expert in video technology, who at first is convinced the story is a hoax until he digs deeper into the mystery. The Ring was adapted from a 1996 Japanese film by Hideo_Nakata, which became a massive box-office success in Asia and spawned two sequels.” (http://www.starpulse.com/Movies/Ring,_The/Summary/)

The Ring tells a lot different between Asian Horror movies and American Hollywood Horror movies. First, people redirect this movie because the storyline is attracted. But lots American viewers they can’t understand the whole movie and storyline in the Japanese vision, so they hired new actors and change some part will confuse west people then they redirect the film. Second all the actors are white in the revision, so viewers can feel this story is more real and it will happen in their real life. And the story changed because some of the American viewers can’t understand the Japanese vision. But even they did that, some of the viewers still can’t understand the whole story and don’t like it. Someone make a blog and website call ”50 reasons why ‘The Ring’ sucked” (http://50reasons.net/50-reasons-why-the-ring-sucked). But this movie tries to introduce the Orientalism into Occidentalism. Third, they want to introduce the story from Asian to other where in the world. The new one make the visual effect much better than the original one, they want viewers to feel scare because of the story and what they saw. All in all, the revision of The Ring is successful to introduce it from Orientalism to Occidentalism. But it fails because they can’t totally make it acceptable for all viewers in American. And some viewers watch both vision, and they compare both of them, the Asian viewers like the Japanese one more than the American one. But American viewers can’t understand the Japanese one and not all viewers can accept the revision The Ring.
The second movie I pick is Paranormal Activity. This movie is base on the video camera. It looks like it’s in the real life not just a movie. Here is the summary for this movie.
“The sequel to the low-budget blockbuster Paranormal Activity takes place a few months before the events of the first film. Katie (Katie Featherston), the much put-upon leading lady in the original, has a sister living in an upscale Los Angeles suburb named Kristi (Sprague Grayden). Kristi has a new baby son, Hunter; a likable lug of a husband named Daniel (Brian Boland), who owns several fast-food joints; a teenage stepdaughter from her hubby's first marriage, Ali (Molly Ephraim); and a large, friendly dog. As the family gets used to the new arrival, strange noises are heard late at night and when they come home from an outing, they discover the house has been trashed, even though none of their valuables have been stolen. Daniel responds by installing a security system and a network of surveillance cameras, though that doesn't stop the noises or the Latino housekeeper's insistence that spirits lurk in the home. When Katie and her boyfriend, Micah (Micah Sloat), stop by for a visit, they discuss the strange goings-on with Kristi; the women of the house believe supernatural forces are at work, while the men find that notion ridiculous. That doesn't last long, as the spirits get noisier and angrier, especially when Ali begins doing some research on the subject, and before long the safety of the household is being threatened on several fronts, possibly due to some dirty dealings in the family's distant past. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi”

This movie it tells story in the camera. This kind shooting only works for horror movie, it makes the story more real. When viewers are watching this movie, they wouldn’t feel that is exactly a movie. It looks more like a live show, where the camera stay, where is the viewers view stay. Viewers couldn’t see more than the camera, but they can guess or image what is going on and what is going to happen next. This movie uses this kind visual effect to make up the horror feeling to everyone.

Interview & Online comments

After the researches, I do couple short interview to two people. One of them called Susan who is a SIAT student; she is a third year SIAT student and she comes from China when she is 10 years old. I talk to her when she is working on her IAT 380 final project, she love and also feel scare when she is watching horror movies. When I asked her which horror movie scares you most, she answers me immediately. “It must be The Ring, I can’t sleep for two days just because I watched it, I cant even turn off light sleep for a whole month” she said she watched the both Japanese vision and the American one, but she feel nothing for the American one. She give her idea about the different between Asian horror movie and western horror movie, the western horror movie is more focusing on the visual effect. She said most of people would scream and feel scare when they are watching it, but viewers wouldn’t have that feeling after they go home. But Asian horror movie is totally different. When people watching it, they would get scared and scream like they did when they are watching western horror movies. But the movie will lead them to image and think that will happen in their real life. It scares people because they didn’t make up story background. Everything of the movie is base in our real life. She thought that might be the reason why Asian movies scare her more than western horror movies.
The other interview I did is Tim who is third year SIAT student too. He is different from Susan; he is not a big fan for horror movies. But he watched couple horror movies; most of the horror movies he watched are western horror movie. The same opinion he and Susan have is they think western horror movie make better visual effect. But Tim thinks he can’t really understand some Asian horror movie at all. Such as Grudge, it’s one of the most famous Korean horror movies. Tim is a Korean born Canadian; even he can’t totally understand the whole story. But Tim watched couple western horror movies. He said he feel scared when he was watching it, but he won’t think the story is true. So he doesn’t feel scare after the movie, maybe sometime he will have nightmare in the evening. He said he believes there are ghost in our life, but it wouldn’t change our life like that and they wouldn’t be as the same as the movies. He can’t totally understand the Asian horror movie, so he doesn’t think the movies are good.
“Asian horror may not always be at the same level of technical achievement as a Western horror, and the story and acting may also suffer compared to some of the Western horror films out there, but that never seems to matter” Susan’s opinion and this opinion are pretty close. Asian movie are more focusing on the story, they don’t have high level of technical achievement as western horror. Such as The Ring, after watching the movie, viewers would image and think about the story in their daily life. Because they feel everything is real and relate to their own situation.


After the interview, I want to do more and deep in this topic. Nowadays, in globalism and multicultural, the line between Orientalism and Occidentalism become more invisible. But horror movie is a very interesting media between cultures communication. It leads more and more in deep of one or a group of culture. We will do more interviews and some question will focus on the details of The Ring, and The Ring in 3D is coming in this summer. We will research with the big improvement of the visual effect and the technology support is it going to be more acceptable for all the viewers in the world? Our researches will more focus on how do Asian viewers and Western viewers accept it and how The Ring scare them.


The money cost our grant project will probably be $5,000. First is equipments fee, we need a Mac book and a camera to film viewers’ interviews. This part will take $2,500. Secondly, we need some software’s such as Final Cut Pro, Premiers and After Effect. This part will take $1,000. Last one is promotion fee and some reward for the viewers who do interview for our project. We will give interviewers gift card for rewards and also after we finished the whole video, we will ask will they appreciate to leave their Face book and twitter then we could send them the video link and at all of them in the Face book page or twitter, this part will takes last 1,500.

Reference & Citations

Discussion: The differences between Asian and Western horror, or, why Asian horror rocks

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