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 IAT 206 E103
Christine Lemmich 301182337
Share Lu, 301068449
Yanting Jin,
Grace T,


Our project aims to provide a deeper and more personal understanding of how Korean popular music, commonly known as K-Pop, is influencing the musical culture in Canada, focusing on Vancouver. This will be achieved through an interactive online magazine, accessible to a large range of audiences. It is helpful to explore the influence of K-pop in forming an understanding of Vancouver’s musical culture and pop cosmopolitanism.


The project is original in its format, choosing to create an online magazine rather than research essay or other form, as well as the approach of the case. This project focuses on the youth in Vancouver, in order to acquire a more specific and personal understanding of how K-pop influences the musical culture in Canada. It is important in that it is a current and rising issue of how a subculture can influence a larger culture that the magazine addresses.
The rise of the Korean pop culture is what triggered this interest and acts as our source of inspiration. The globalization of K-pop, as it spreads to the United States and Canada through online mediums such as YouTube and the pop cosmopolitanism of Vancouver is inspiring us to create this project. In previous works we have explored the concepts of globalization, multiculturalism and pop cosmopolitanism, concepts that this project applies to a current situation. It is discussed in current casual conversation how music from Asia, such as Korean or Japanese pop, is widely embraced by the youth in Vancouver among other areas of the western world. The work advances this by providing a more detailed and researched perspective on the influence and embrace of K-pop specifically. Interviews will be incorporated into the project to accommodate the cultural differences in people’s perspective on this case. Web links would also be incorporated, embracing the digital format; links would provide the reader with examples of K-pop to support the written aspect of the magazine. This is what will make the magazine interactive.

By exploring the influence of K-pop on Vancouver’s musical culture, both the audience and we as researchers will be able to understand …We also have a personal interest in K-pop, as we enjoy listening to various artists of the industry. K-pop music especially, is becoming more widely known; However all of them are seemingly following a similar format, a group of young and well looking singers dancing and singing, with mainly Korean lyrics but using English in the chorus. In part we argue the reason for this is to appeal to other markets such as that in the U.S. By customizing or making adjustments to their media, such as changing the target audience, they are able to make it more accessible and applicable to different cultures or societies.

PART 3. PROCESS (1-2 pages)

–How are you going to execute the project?
–What is the detailed timeline? Include:
•Pre-production research, planning and development
•Detailed production schedule include each specific task and time required for it
•Any post production work needed, including preparation for displaying or performing for audiences (how will this be disseminated to a larger public?)


• Formal and informal training relevant to this

Our group is well experienced in using the entire Adobe suite, which is what we plan to use in order to create our magazine. As our entire group is majoring in Interactive arts and technology we have received valuable training in not just graphic design, however the background and production knowledge needed for such a project. We are all able to execute academic level research through a range of sources as to gather the necessary knowledge and understanding of our topic. The cultural differences in our group allow us to encompass a variety of perspectives on the chosen topic, and enable a better understanding of the globalization.

Our education and training make us technically prepared for undertaking this project, and our existing knowledge and interest of K-pop from sources including media sites allows us to expand on this. Combined this gives us the experience to create a fairly professional digital magazine.

In past works we have explored both media and culture in great depth, learning about a large range of concepts, their presence in our society and how they are connected. We will be applying this knowledge to the project, using concepts we have learned to further the understanding of K-pop’s influence on the musical culture.

PART 5. OUTCOMES (1 page)

A. Benefit to the artist
•How will this benefit you as an artist/designer
•Skills developed?
–Benefit to audiences
•How will your audiences benefit from this?
–How this will be presented/disseminated?

This project will benefit me as a designer, as it is an opportunity to apply the skills I have gained in the design field, technically and creatively, to the cultural knowledge and understanding of medias acquired throughout this course. Being able to combine these forms a realistic and professional project, which will develop my skills and develop the audiences understanding. As it is an online magazine, it will be presented digitally, easily accessible for the targeted audience of Vancouver youth.


Prior art/ creative work
Links to cds/dvd documentation
Music compositions
Sketches of proposed work
Preliminary research
Archivhive info etc.

PART 7. BUDGET (1 page)

–Should be between $5,000 to $50,000
–Be realistic as to the individual costs (you will probably have to do some research for this)

Required for this project is research and online web space. 

•References (1 page)
Follow proper APA, MLA or Chicago style