Final Project Proposal - "Power of People"

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Project Proposal – “Power of People”

Team members:
Michelle Lee – 301117075

Christie Wong – 301145526

Peter Tang – 301155835

Jesica Chu – 301166686

Format of project
The format we will be presenting our project in is a multi-player board game that illustrates the effectiveness of the KONY 2012 movement. The game will be entitled “Power of People” to show how the numbers of people joined together for a cause is equivalent to the effectiveness and the degree of impact. We will focus specifically on how the movement united a great number of people to create mass awareness of the issue and invited many to be a part of the cause in an astounding short period of time. The board game will present choices for the player to illustrate how the decisions they make in the game will effect the success of their campaign, and if successful, how that will cause large amounts of people to flock to their association.

Artists/Designers’ Statement:
We as young aspiring interactive designers are conscious of the impact of social media regarding global issues today. We are determined to research effective design methods and decisions that will increase our design influence in the users’/audience’s lives and on our society. We place emphasis on user awareness and the overall user experience during our design process to ensure an understanding of the message we are to convey.

Concepts & Ideas:
1) Network: Uniting people for a cause through the use of social media networks.

  •  KONY 2012’s use of viral networking, via Facebook and YouTube, and how that created exponential growth of supporters.

2) Medium: The idea that people will follow a cause if presented in an aesthetically pleasing format.

  •  The KONY 2012 video has created a huge impact on public awareness, using professional quality documentation and presentation.

3) Encoding/Decoding: How do viewers interpret the message after seeing the video?

  •  The strong underlying message of the power of people presented in the video to prompt the audience to take action

4) Violence: Leaving the viewers’ imagination to depict the degree of violence through their imagination by showing gruesome images

5) Interactivity: Discussing their use of hot and cool media as their strategy in targeting the audience's participation to create and propel the movement along.

6) Propaganda: Discussing the varieties of ways they used to catch the society’s attention both locally and internationally.

  •  KONY 2012’s strategy of persuading the participants to spread the word through attaching posters and stickers all over street walls, much like graffiti or tagging. As well as hiring famous people, such as celebrities, politicians, and artists, to speak about the campaign.

Why Relevant?
As our project format is a multiplayer board game, it allows several participants to get involved (in means of competing with one another) and understand the effectiveness of the KONY 2012 movement through an interactive, fun, and casual experience. Though our inspiration of creating the game came from the KONY 2012 movement, the concept of using social media to raise mass awareness is timeless and can be applied to many relevant issues.