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E-monos Wiki


BATCH download of records

A.  Records from Springer

  1. . Check Springer web site monthly for new files.  There may not be files every month.  Get MARC files and Spreadsheet with OCLC numbers:


  1. Break file with MARC edit.
  2. Delete 950 fields (Tools/add/remove fields)
  3. Search for bad LDRs and records
  • search for { [curly brace]
  • do a field count (Reports/Field count), look for odd fields, search for those.
  1. Some of these may be duplicate records, check.
  2. If dups, just delete bad records from file
  3. If not dups, fix bad records
  4. It has been easier to take the bad records out of the file, and copy them to another file, fix them up and then add separately.
  • Complie file into MARC
  1. Load using load table I (eye)
  2. puts last part of URL into 935
  3. matches on the 935
  4. overlays on match with nothing protected
  5. record numbers in 'Springer E books' record on III
  • Make sure all records have
  1. 710 2 SpringerLink (Online service)
  2. Change Rec type in leader to 'a'
  3. Remove additional 935s with non-springer URLs (usually www.loc.gov)

B. Check OCLC Spreadsheet for new records.

14.  If there are new records (date in far right column)

  • Check to make sure there are no numbers for Protocol series (we don't get that)
  • Copy OCLC numbers to notepad
  • Save as a text file
  • Batch search on OCLC

15.  Load OCLC records using load table I,

  • Will match on 935 and overlay Springer records.

NOTE:  OCLC records are not up to date.  We load the Springer records first because they are the most current.

16.  If any new from OCLC, check each titles for dups.  Delete dups

NOTE:  Some titles only have records from OCLC, so there is the possibility that Springer might come out with a record after we have al ready loaded the OCLC record.

C. Adding INDIVIDUAL records:

1.  Create record according to usual web procedures

2.  Put the DOI URL in the record

3.  Copy the last part of the URL into 935


Feb. 24 March 18, 2009

1. re-loaded all files from Springer

2. deleted from the database all old 'Springer deal' records.

3.  Overlaid with OCLC records

 18,000 Springer records

 13,000 with OCLC records