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Brainstorming of some challenging teaching situations. 
  1.  students who have different levels of knowledge in interdisciplinary courses
  2. making an informationally dense or complex session engaging
  3. not having enough visual examples for the topic
  4. unresponsive classroom
  5. students doing poorly on exams (consistently)
  6. students asking you to increase their grade (probation)
  7. offensive views in class (racism, sexism)
  8. having students in class who are at very different places in their undergraduate careers (different levels of sophistication in their abilyt to assimilate the information. Intellectual and social maturity)
  9. interacting with large classes
  10. students with unmoving opinions who bog down class time
  11. having students with different knowledge backgrounds (disciplinary backgrounds)
  12. students who have a lot of difficulty expressing themselves in writing
  13. as a lecturer, being caught unprepared
  14. students who try and undermine you in class
  15. students being offended by the course content
  16. students who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally
  17. distractions (inside and outside the classroom). Cellphones, playgrounds, Blackberries