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The Problem

You, an Advisor, have a prospective student in the advisor notes, who has now graduated from High School and started his first semester at SFU. Let's call him "Lemuel Gel-Insole". Lemuel already has a record in the Advisor Notes system as a 'Prospective Student', but his record doesn't have a SFU student number, yet. You need to tell CourSys that Lemuel has become a real boy.

The Solution

1. Tell CourSys about the student's existence.

CourSys may not have any records for Lemuel-The-SFU-Student, yet. In order to keep CourSys from having to import every last bit of data from SIMS, we only maintain records on Students Of Interest, where 'interest' is a pretty loosely defined metric.

So, if you type in Lemuel's new student number, "333333333", into the Advisor Student Search at, it will claim to have no clue who Lemuel is. However, if Lemuel exists in SIMS (he almost certainly should) under the student number "333333333", it will prompt you to add him. Click on the "Add From SIMS" button, and a record for Lemuel will be created.

Add from sims.PNG

2. Merge The Two Lemuels

Unfortunately, now you have two records for Lemuel, a "Prospective Student" (all of Lemuel's old advisor notes) and a "Student" (Lemuel's current SIMS record). Fortunately, you can tell CourSys to move all of Lemuel's old records from the Prospective student object to the new Student object.

To do this, use the Advisor Student Search at to search for Lemuel. Two Lemuels should show up- Lemuel with a student number, and Lemuel the Non-Student. Click on Lemuel the Non-Student, then 'Submit' to take you to his Advising Note page.

On Lemuel the Non-Student's Advisor Note page, you'll see that under his "Student Number" field, he is listed as "Not a student (Merge with existing student)". Click on "Merge with Existing Student", then type in Lemuel's new student number. It should bring up Lemuel's student record. Okay.

Merge with student.PNG

3. Rejoice

Having merged the two student records, Lemuel's record in the Advisor Notes now comes with a Student Number and SIMS integration and all of that good stuff.