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=== Course Management ===
=== Course Management ===
* [[ Coursys Course Creation | How do I create a course? ]]
* [[ Coursys Course Creation | How do I create a course? ]]
* [http://coffee.fas.sfu.ca/screencasts/coursys_1_configuration_tas_copy_course_setup/ Screencast 1: Creating and Configuring a Course ]
** Setting a Course Homepage
** Adding a TA
** Copying Data From a Previous Course
== For Developers  ==
== For Developers  ==

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CourSys is a system for managing course assignments and grades. It also contains modules for Advisor note-taking and Grad Administration. It is available at http://courses.cs.sfu.ca .


  • Assignment submission server
    • Students can submit assignments to CourSys
    • Dates and times of assignment submission are tracked
  • Grade management
    • Assignments can be graded.
    • CourSys will distribute assignment grades to students via e-mail.
  • Advisor Portal
    • Advisors can add and view notes on student records
    • Advisors can track student visits
  • TA and RA management
    • Both TAs and RAs can be managed, including contract generation, financial summaries, and more
  • Grad Student management
    • Grad students can be tracked, including their program changes, etc.
  • Reports
    • Reports can be created by the developers and viewed here by users
  • Online Forms
    • Departments can add forms for their students (e.g. application forms, waiver forms, etc)
    • Forms can be assigned to various people, approved or denied, etc
    • Form history remains so we can see old forms and their data
  • Faculty Management
    • Faculty can be added, removed, moved to emeritus
    • Various faculty events can be logged and tracked (promotions, study leaves, etc)
    • Faculty job positions and candidates can be tracked
  • Discipline case management
    • Discipline cases can be tracked, and can be reviewed by the correct people
  • Course Browser
    • A way more efficient course browser than the SIMS one (and it's open to all)

For Users

Course Management

For Developers

CourSys' development environment lives at https://github.com/sfu-fas/coursys . All the latest information can be found there.