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SFU's common look and feel (CLF) standards for web design are found here

The standards have gone relatively unchanged since their inception in 2006. The SFU web design community is collaborating on, and gathering information that may inform decisions about the future direction of the guidelines.

Please feel free to add your issues, complaints, suggestions below, or make comments and ask questions on the discussion page.  Sept 28 2011.

Current issues for the CMS Steering committee

The information below taken from (but not limited to) internal discussions and emails from sfu webmasters.  It is being recorded on this wiki to encourage discussion and contributions from all in the SFU community.

The issues of concern may pertain to one or more of the following areas; Navigation, Graphics, Information, Technical. Feel free to add as needed.


The naviagtional elements of a website mostly are concerned with the menu system, its organization and placement. Also, it may include problems with the SFU search, and key naviagtion or "landing pages"

Look and Feel

Can further be broken down into small parts. Graphics, Photography, Branding, Page layout

Graphical issues include issues of color, logos, photography, graphics etc.

Technical implementation

The stuff you dont't see. The technologies used to build the banner and its navigation system. The CLF project will have the most impact on the CQ5 content management system and its tamplates. As such, it will serve as the future framework for building all new SFU websites.


The content or 'words on the page'. The CLF does not detemine any content.