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Many of the students in the Liberal Business Studies Program (LBS) have been out of school for awhile. So, many educational related skills that once existed may now be very rusty.

One of those skills is studying; however, if you organize a study group it can be very helpful and ease much of your stress.

If you are looking for an online, collaborative way to study or work on a project, check out Sakai or Caucus, services offered by SFU.

Why study in a group?

Well, why not. No just kidding. It has been shown that if you study in a group it increases your learning and understanding.For example, if you form a math study group and each person has to explain to the others how you arrived at the answer you get a better understanding of the process. It is amazing how quickly you realize what you understand and what you do not understand. Also, your retention is much higher than the traditional method of memorizing facts.

Why not use this as a place to organize a study group - Just put your name down, the subject, and the area in which you live. Before you know it you will have a group. Log in, press edit and sign up in the table below: 

Name/contact info 

Subject Geographical Area
Caroline Heisler                                    Any & All                             
Jim Skinner
Any & All

Rebecca Grey

Vancouver - Oak and 14th
Tanya Hebron (tanyabee@telus.net) Any Vancouver, 14th between Cambie & Main

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