The Human Machine

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The Human Machine Research Proposal

With people’s current attachment and need for technology, the future may see the marriage between nature and machine. Through the film medium, we want to showcase the possible outcome and effects on society of the introduction and acceptance of technological implants into humans. Through the visual style of an animated Mockumentary film, we would be able to confidently envision and convey the idea of this futuristic world. Through film, we may be able to showcase our vision and allow the viewers of our work to understand the ideas we want them to see. In order to obtain this we have decided to go with the hot media of film. Furthermore, we want to incorporate the social and moral issues that would arise, and show viewers our portrayal of that conflict.

We believe that visually showcasing our thoughts on a future world where humans take direct control of their evolution, we may elegantly and creatively discuss social issues that would arise and have been previously proven to be an issue throughout human history. The use of animation will allow us to be creative with our vision, while using a Mockumentary style of story telling will keep the idea grounded in reality, with the effect of further immersing the viewers. Our goal is to make the viewers fully believe this future is coming and is true, allowing them to take the issues into consideration now before having to face the conflict as it occurs.

Set in a not to distant future, the world will be grounded in a fairly realistic setting. We will not be creating a futuristic, science fiction world, rather adding realistic advancements in technology to the world that is familiar to us today. This will allow us to stay grounded and further develop our Mockumentary style of film. In the film, it will follow the life of a family. One person is a cyborg, with many enhancements, while the other has not had any work done. Throughout the film, using media and supporting characters, we will show the social dilemmas that both these people face, being accepted in society. By focusing on a family with this split outlook on their lives, it will allow us to strongly build the characters and delve deeper into the issues that may be faced in this world. Moreover, we will be showing how this new technology is used and incorporated into the world. By building a world and characters that are grounded in reality, we want to achieve the balance that will allow us to show what the future may have in store, while being able to be able to discuss and share the social issues that may be faced in society with such a significant change in the evolution of the human race.

Our idea will encompass many ideas and terminologies from the course. The idea of human augmentation, and it’s fusion with the Internet leads to ideas such as the networking of the human body to the world wide web, the aesthetic appeal and the functional appeal of body implants, bodies and technology, embodied virtuality, post-humanism decent into technology and the possible future of the human race. Through our film we will touch on and describe the aforementioned terms, weaving them into our plot line and arching narrative. We hope to gain understanding of the power of technology on a persons psyche, physique and emotions, through these topics. Furthermore we hope to spur further research into technology that heals and saves and turn away from technology that eventually will kill. We hope to gain this grant in order to further our research on human technology interaction, and fund our animation project. The results from this project will help delve further into the understanding of the link that technology has on humans and our possibly evolutionary advances, while also allowing the project to speak a message of understanding to those who watch.

MF: Cool - have a look at the original District 9 (very low budget) trailer,

Also, in sci-fi film style there is this polarity of the "New Future" and the "Used Future," the New Future is represented by the original Star Trek series, with everything all shiny and new (no dirt dents or dust anywhere) while the original Star Wars represented the Used Future (the future as it would look if we were really there and things were used and beat up), so inform yourself with a film language and style sensibility that connects to the Used Future notion. Also, your challenge will be to create a high quality short video (with portfolio potential) so you should aim for a very tight narrative in a fairly short amount of time, so look at low budget sci-fi films for ideas (the film Primer is a great example of this). Good luck!