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Welcome to the wiki page for the Technology in Teaching workshop.

This workshop focuses on using technology in the lab: How it can be a hassle to set up, troublesome to use and hard to implement effectively... but it doesn't have to be this way. Through a hands-on approach, the Technology in Teaching workshop sets out to demonstrate how the use of web-based technology - wikis, google docs, flickr, blogs, etc - can help TAs and students share results, collaborate on projects, and display multimedia content to the benefit of their classes.

For more information, please feel free to contact Andrew (aha50@) or Duncan (dchana@), and feel free to download the presentation slides.

Adding Technology to the Classroom

The questions below can act as a guide, but the main idea behind them is to think about the technology, so you can have good reasons for why you are bringing it into the classroom, and how it will be of benefit.

Before adding technology, think about:

  • What will the technology add to the student experience?
  • Why will this be of benefit?
  • How will I know that it has been of benefit?
  • What might go wrong?

After adding technology, think about:

  • Was the technology used as I expected?
  • Was it of benefit or hindrance to the class?
  • How could I integrate it better?
  • Should I continue to use it?

Technologies and Uses

This is by no means a comprehensive list of technology which one could use in a classroom setting, but it offers a start to where you can find free or relatively easy-to-access technology. Beside each item are suggested uses, though keep in mind that you should always consider how a technology is most commonly used before bringing it into the classroom.

For contact:

  • Twitter: Anonymous questioning, quick class updates
  • Blogger / Wordpress: Logging process, expressing ideas, sharing multimedia content
  • Facebook: Student study or support groups (make sure to maintain your privacy)

For research:

For presentation:

Course tools:

Though they are not covered in the session, here are some links to course management tools.

  • Sakai: Course or learning collaboration tool (supported by SFU)
  • WebCT: Course management tool (supported by SFU)
  • Moodle: Open-source course management tools

For further information

Links to help you out with further information on wikis, and using technology in your labs.