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This wiki is meant to capture the work done by various staff on campus that promote student engaged citizenship in a broad sense.

Focus of work


Volunteer Services: "We empower students to be engaged citizens"; events, workshops, resources and advising related to volunteerism and civic engagement.


International Development & Faculty Engagement Office: We strive to broaden and deepen SFU's involvement in international development activities by building linages between the university and the community.

Bios: Shaheen Nanji, Director & Mig Alphonso, Coordinator




  • Promote care and conservation of environmental resources
  • Promote student leadership in the areas of conservation, environmental advocacy, social justice and the development of the green economy

Promote and empower students to contribute to the development of a sustainable campus community

Bio: Candace Le Roy, Sustainability Coordinator

Surrey Student Ambassador program: "The official volunteer program at SFU Surrey, and your first stop to starting your volunteer journey at our campus": features volunteer postings, volunteer skills development and recognition, as well as resources for event and volunteer managers.

Bio: Candy Ho, Student Life Coordinator

ULife/Student involvement proposal:



Workshops/sessions we give/have given/could give

Volunteer Services

  • Wading into the volunteer pool (for students unfamiliar with volunteering)
  • Strategic volunteering / Volunteer for your Career (transferable skills, creating positions, using volunteer experience in work searches)
  • Volunteerism for international students
  • Volunteerism for students speaking English as second language
  • Volunteer Management and Civic Organizing (creating positions, recruitment, communication, rewards/recognition, etc) (Trina)Customized sessions for volunteer managers on campus (Trina)
  • What can students do to maximize their collective civic footprint (Trina, LEAD workshop 09)
  • Leading teams of volunteer (Trina, Orientation Team Leader Training 09)
  • Attracting Volunteers, Citizens, Advocates and Activists: Techniques to Motivate Involvement (Trina and Jessica Doherty, Leadership Summit 09)


Volunteer and Civic Opportunity Fair/Week/Awards

Passport to Leadership

  • Personal Values and Goal Setting (heightening self-awareness and personal efficacy)
  • Interpersonal Communication (power of words, perception vs. intent)
  • Diversity Awareness (the stories we write about each other, diverse world views, diversity beyond race and gender)
  • Effective Presentation of Self (communication in different settings, why should people listen to you?)


Have given:

  •   Campus sustainability leadership and organizing workshop

Could give:

  • Campus tours of sustainability initiatives (i.e., green buildings, solar powered heaters etc)
  • Sustainability Literacy 101
  • Sustainability on Campus: How to make the most of your time at school


  • Annual Sustainability Festival (September)

Surrey Student Life/Student Ambassador Program

  • Personality Dimensions (Candy, True Colours Assessment)
  • Maximizing Your Volunteer Experience (Candy, one-on-one session on examining volunteer core values, skills and goals)
  • Leveraging Your Leadership (Candy and Tony Botelho, content developed by Career Services, who invited us to facilitate this year)
  • Recruiting and Selecting Volunteers (Candy and John Grant, Leadership Summit 08)


The University Life is a "one-stop-spot" for students to find out about campus events, involvement opportunities as well as different services and activities on campus

ULife promotes clubs and different organizations websites and campus activities. This website was created by Student and Community Life to improve the quality of campus life at Simon Fraser University

Why should an SFU group post their event on ULife?

  • Since 2008 ULife has had an average of 30,000 hits per month and gets any from 45,000 to 75,000 hits in the months of September and January 
  • ULIfe includes links to the organizations websites
  • Because ULife is a one-stop spot for students to learn about this to do on campus, students are more likley to go tot ULife before any other website.

Past Events & Workshops

  • Services Fair & Winter WarmUp in North AQ: Reintroduction to campus services and free Hot Chocolate  (January)
  • Tips and tricks from student leaders (15 student leaders from 12 different areas around campus - peers, rec leaders, SFPIRG, etc., students could come and ask questions of different student leaders - 3 stamps gets students pieces of pizza)
  • ULife BBQ, first week of school in 2008 and 2009
  • Some one-off workshops on event planning, etc at leadership summit, with LEAD students


Leadership Summit

Student Leader Awards


Diaspora program - diaspora involvement in international development (with Dialogue programs)

Formerly did speaker series

Marketing/Communication Social Media channels we use

Volunteer Services

  • ENGAGE blog: articles written generally by student volunteers (student profiles, organization/opportunity profiles, opinion pieces, upcoming events/workshops)
  • Email lists: sfu-events (to help recruit volunteers for on-campus events), sfu-volunteer (upcoming events, select current opportunities, recent blog articles), faculty-specific lists (current opportunities in Symplicity and on relevant to students in specific faculties)
  • Sometimes direct emails to faculty/departmental advisors, career services, or co-op staff
  • Symplicity: an online database of volunteer postings (as well as jobs and co-op positions) available for all SFU students to browse. Focus is on on-campus volunteering and off-campus volunteer roles that are connected to academic disciplines.
  • Website:
  • Facebook:

Student Services

  • Orbis (in development): will host oncampus volunteer and student leader positions, and will be a space where program managers can collect applications, track and communicate with volunteers, etc

International Development


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Direct emails to student sustainability list, departmental advisors and all students
  • Main SFU website
  • Sustainability website

Surrey Student Life/Student Ambassador Program

  • Face to face: SFU events such as Open Houses, Clubs Days, Week of Welcome, Orientation, meetings with volunteers, meetings with staff and faculty
  • Online: SFU Surrey Connect, maillists (Student Ambassador, Open House volunteers, Orientation Leaders, Surrey Campus Committee), Surrey Student Life Facebook page
  • Paper: posters around campus, mini handouts available on our office front desk and in other offices
  • Website:

Schedule of events/awards/campaigns/activities

Activity Affiliated with
Financial Resources Funding
SFU International
Fall Semester


Volunteer & Civic Engagement Week, including workshops and open house, plus:

  • Volunteer & Civic engagement opportunity fair
  • Student Awards for engaged citizenship
  • NOTE: May move towards smaller, discipline-specific events in the future

Passport to Leadership workshops
(values/goals; interpersonal communication; diversity awareness; effective presentation of self)

Volunteer Fair @ SFU Surrey


Volunteer Services

Student Services

Surrey Student Life


Passport to Leadership workshops
(values/goals; interpersonal communication; diversity awareness; effective presentation of self)

International Volunteer Day
Volunteer Services
Spring Semester


Panel: Working in the Nonprofit sector (collaboration with Career Services)

Leadership Month, including:

  • Leadership summit
  • Student Leader Awards

Passport to Leadership workshops
(values/goals; interpersonal communication; diversity awareness; effective presentation of self)

Volunteer Opportunities Month

ULife Winter Warmup Event: Free Hot Chocolate & Welcome Back activities

Volunteer Services


Student Services

Surrey Student Life

Student survey on volunteerism and civic engagement (or in March)
Volunteer Services

Passport to Leadership workshops
(values/goals; interpersonal communication; diversity awareness; effective presentation of self)

Campus Volunteer Appreciation

Student Services

Surrey Student Life

National Volunteer Week
Volunteer Services
Summer Semester