Physics 140

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This is the Physics 140 Public Wiki

Unit 1: Introduction and Computing

Session 1: Data Collection and Spreadsheet Use
Session 2: Measuring and Graphing Horizontal Motion

Unit 2: Measurement and Uncertainty

Session 1: Direct and Indirect Measurements
Session 2: Random and Systematic Variation

Unit 3: One-Dimensional Motion I

Session 1: Describing Changing Motion
Session 2: Slowing Down, Speeding Up and Turning

Unit 4: One-Dimensional Motion II

These three sessions can be done in two class periods. Sessions 1 and 3 can be completed out of class if necessary.

Session 1: Equations to Define Velocity and Acceleration
Session 2: Finding the Displacement from the Velocity
Session 3: The Kinematic Equations

Unit 5: Newton’s 2nd Law

Session 1: Force and Motion
(Session 2: Combining Forces)
Session 3: Force, Mass and Acceleration

Unit 6: Gravity and Projectile Motion

Session 1: Vertical Motion
Session 2: 2D Vectos and Projectile Motion
Session 3: Analysing Projectile Motion

Unit 7: Applications of Newton’s Law

Session 1: Circular Motion and Centripetal Force
Session 2: Newton’s Third Law and Passive Forces
Session 3: Friction and Applying the Laws of Motion'

Unit 8: One-Dimensional Collisions

Session 1: Momentum and Momentum Change
Session 2: Impulse Momentum and Interactions
Session 3: Newton’s Laws and Momentum Conservation

Unit 9: Two-Dimensional Collisions

Session 1: Momentum Conservation and Centre of Mass
Session 2: Centre of mass and Momentum Conservation in Two Dimensions

Unit 10: Work and Energy

Session 1: Physical Work and Power
Session 2: Work and Kinetic Energy
(Session 3: Karate and Physics)

Unit 11: Energy Conservaton

Session 1: Conservation of Mechanical Energy
Session 2: Conservative and Non-Conservative Forces

Unit 12: Rotational Motion

Session 1: Rotational Kinematics
Session 2: Torque, Rotational Inertia and Newton’s Laws
Session 3: Verifying Newton’s Laws for Rotation

Unit 13: Angular Momentum and Torque as Vectors

Session 1: Torque Vectors and Angular Momentum
Session 2: Angular Momentum Conservation

Unit 14: Harmonic Motion

Session 1: Oscillating Systems
Session 2: Simple Harmonic Motion for Mass and Spring
Session 3: The Simple Pendulum

Additional Topics

  1. Classical Gravitation Theory
  2. Special Relativity