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The current software suite installed for students of Physics 140 and Physics 141 consists of

  • Mac OS X 10.4 (latest revision including Safari)
  • Microsoft Office 2004 (with OpenXML convertor)
    • Excel
    • Word
  • LoggerPro from Vernier Software
  • Firefox 3.5

It is recommended that every year a clean, updated installation of the software be done.

  • take one station's computer on which to restore clean version of the current system.
  • Mount the mini as an external drive on the instructor's computer in T mode.
  • The disk image of the current system should be on the instructor's computer
  • Use the command line tool asr to reinstall a clean system. eg
 asr -source ~/Desktop/Macintosh\ HD.dmg -destination /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD\ 1 -erase  
  • restart the station's computer using the just installed system
  • update the OS, MS Office, LoggerPro and Firefox. Make sure to set the preference of Excel to "Normal View" and "Show Formula Bar".
  • Use hdutil to make a clean disk image that can be cloned onto the other mac minis using asr