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To start...
Look familiar? It will!

  • A Wiki is a collection of pages that anyone, who is a member of the community, can edit or add to.  If you have an SFU computing id, you are a member of the community!  Log in (upper right corner of this screen), press edit and start!
  • Wanna know how to add a page?  Go here!
  • Click on the links below for other information about LBS.
  • These pages are visible to the world, just not modifiable by the world.  Check out SFU's policy on the fair use of information and communications technology
  • Use discretion; don't write anything here that you wouldn't say to someone's face. 
  • If you aren't comfortable adding content, be a wiki-gardener or a wiki gnome, this is someone who corrects typos, grammar and repairs broken links and the like.
  • Although this wiki was created by LBS Vancouver Cohort 12 members and may have a "downtown slant", members of all cohorts are encouraged to contribute!



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