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Sample coded sentences

Category Example Sentence
Knowledge When institutions and classrooms integrate self-directed learning into their curriculum, long term benefit have been observed through increased student retention and graduation rates (University of Texas at Austin, 2016).
Comprehension With this type of learning, students can fully control their educational experience and focus on information they would like to explore.
Application Having different interpretations based on cultural differences is a concern, particularly for schools in British Columbia and other Canadian metropolitan centers where we have and are projected to receive more international students particularly from Asia.
Analysis Meaning engagement in some form of unstructured play could also result in an increase in academic performance.
Synthesis However, this is not the case, because praise is not overly useful feedback, and if it is undeserved, it can cause students to feel like their teachers do not expect much from them.
Evaluation One of the limitations is that the research is centered on a questionnaire survey which may result in certain biases including social desirability bias.