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As a student in the Liberal Business Studies Program buying text books can be costly. You may or may not be getting financial assistance from your employer so we are here to help. To date your options have been: Send an email out or cross your fingers that you will find that one used book in the bookstore.
Well, worry no more! There are many students willing to give up their course books (for a price) to a new and loving home. So, place a posting here with what you are looking for or looking to get rid of.

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Please remember to update the table once you have sold or found the book you are listing. 

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July 29, 2011 Selling Smart Choices (Capstone text)
July 22 2011 NEED Introduction to Economic Reasoning by William D. Rohlf, Jr., Eighth Edition, Published by Addison-Wesley.
July 22 2011
Philosophy goes to the movies: An introduction to Philosophy, by Falzon, Routledge   Jul 20-11   need

Introduction to Economic Reasoning, 8th Ed. (Rohlf)   July 18, 2011 Need 

Philosophy Goes To The Movies:

An Introduction to Philosophy     July 18, 2011 Need Introduction to Economic Reasoning   
 July 18, 2011 Need Philosophy Goes to the Movie July 18, 2011 Need Introduction to Economic Reasoning   July 18, 2011   Need  Philosophy Goes to the Movies April 15, 2011 Selling Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage to Identity by d. Whyte 2 copies available at $10 each March 31, 2011 Selling The Elusive Quest for Growth + The End of Poverty $20.00 each March 31, 2011 Selling Contemporary Strategy Analysis - Grant $45.00 March 31, 2011 Selling Economic way of Thinking $35.00 March 31, 2011 Selling Defying Hitler - Haffner ($10.00); Ways of Seeing - Berger ($10.00); Survival in Auschwitz – Levi $10.00 March 25, 2011 Selling ENGL 199 Custom course material $20.00 March 25, 2011 Selling GS 420 Custom course materials $20.00 March 25, 2011 Selling Approach to Project Management: A systems Planning, etc $35.00 March 25, 2011
Selling BUS 341 Fundamentals of Marketing Custom course materials $20.00 March 25, 2011 Selling What is Marketing? $10.00 March 25, 2011 Selling Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes $10.00 March 25, 2011 Selling The Companion Species Manifesto $5.00 March 10, 2011                     Selling POL 319 Set:
The Republic, Beyond Good and Evil, The Wretched of the Earth The Spirit of Terrorism, and The Prince - all in excellent shape $50/set March 9, 2011 Selling Smart Choices: A Practical Guide to Making Better Life Decisions by Hammond, Keeney and Raiffa (2 copies available) $10.00 each

July 25, 2011 | NEED | Philosophy Goes to the Movies |   

2010 | Nov.5, 2010 | Selling  | Using and Understanding Mathematics - A Quantitative Reasoning Approach 4th Ed. Project Management - Harold Kerzner 
| make me an offer | Sept 3, 2010 | Selling | Project Management A Systems Approach (Kerzner)  ISBN 978-0-470-27870-3 | offer me a price | August 16, 2010 | Selling | PROJECT MANAGEMENT Harold Kerzner | $40 | August 16, 2010 | Selling | INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS IN CANADA Robert Hebdon & Trevor C Brown used for Collective Bargaining course | $20 | August 16, 2010 | Selling | VERBAL HYGIENE, Deborah Cameron | $10.00