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Welcome to the FHS Teaching Resources Wiki!

This wiki is for all instructors, staff and administration involved in teaching and educational programming in the Faculty of Health Sciences at SFU. The categories compiled thus far reflect topics of interest among faculty and in particular relate to questions that instructors have asked or continue to ask with regards to teaching in FHS. We begin with "hot topics" followed by an alphabetical list of topics.

How to get involved...

This is a resource for all so If you have a good resource you'd like to share, feel free to add it by using the edit function.

Hot Topics!

Science Education

Taking a Peek in the Kitchen of Science

shared by Ralph


Assessing Student Learning

Attributes for Undergraduates

  • competencies

Course Evaluation

  • formative evaluation
  • summative evaluation

Course Planning 

These templates can be used to help you design or re-design your course.

  • assessment template for designing with student assessment in mind.
  • course map template
  • design template for planning your course.
  • unit template for detailed planning.
  • lab template for guiding student learning in a lab setting.
  • TA development (University of Western Ontario)

Curriculum Planning

Higher Education Frameworks

Instructional Techniques

Learning in Higher Education

  • cognitive and situated learning perspectives
  • deep and surface learning
  • learning as participation
  • learning communities
  • situated cognition

Pedagogical Approaches in FHS

  • discussion-based teaching (Centre for Research on Teaching, U Michigan)
  • case-based reasoning
  • critical thinking
  • lab-based learning (from the University of Western Ontario TA Handbook)
  • service learning
  • presentations
  • practica-based learning

Program Planning

Reflecting on Teaching

Teaching Scholarship


  • Boyer

Listservs and Online Magazines


Writing - Intensive Teaching and Learning

Resources compiled by Linda Apps are found in the Sakai site. Please log in to access the information and files that Linda has prepared.

Where to go for help?

If you are a member of the Faculty of Health Sciences and would like consultation on course planning or teaching, please feel free to contact: