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Why FAQ's?

Now that the dust has settled and you have gone from being excited to "Oh God what have I gotten myself into", you are going to remember all those questions that you hadn't thought about or forgot to ask. Yes, the information session and brochures provide answers to the basic questions but it can't answer everything for everyone.

So,  ask that question you think is so silly only you would ask. You would be suprised how many others have the same question and how many people have answers. Use this space as a place to share that useless information that you have stored away in your head. One persons junk is another persons treasure.

List of FAQ's

What can I do if I miss a class?
Have your class mates post their notes here.

What do I do if I can't handle 2 courses this semester?

Contact the LBS administration, they can work something out for you.


I'm terrified of public speaking, what can I do?

You will have to do some oral presenting, either alone or in a group, try joining Toastmasters   www.toastmasters.bc.ca/home.php

Help, I'm overwhelmed what do I do?

Try getting a mentor, they've been there and done that, and may be able to "talk you down."

Try SFU Health & Counselling www.students.sfu.ca/health

When are classes held?

Classes are held every second week on both Friday and Saturday. The beginning dates of each term may vary so just because your class falls on one Friday does not mean it may change to the opposite Friday the following term.

What if classes fall on a long weekend?

This is a possibility and if it does classes may continue as scheduled. The LBS administration staff will provide advance notice.

Is the end of the term the end of the term?  Huh!

This may not be the case. For example, your last day of class may be Saturday, April 29, however you may have a final exam or an assignment due the following Saturday. The LBS administration and /or instructional staff will provide advance notice.

How are the classes structured?

You will take 2 classes on each day. The first class will be in the morning and the second class in the afternoon.

How long are the classes?

That depends. You will find some courses are 3 hours long and some courses will be 4 hours long.

Will I ever get to choose a course?

As a matter of a fact you will. During the summer term of your first and second year you will select an elective as one of your two courses.

How do I get my marks?

You should have an SFU computing id.  Login, on the SFU website, to the "Student Information System", click "grades", and select the appropriate semester.  Grades are generally posted within a couple of weeks of the semester completion.

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