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Springer e- mono loading:

Springer Records:

1.  Look for records from Springer site, monthly.  Some months they do not have new records.

2.  Get records

3.  Break into MARC Edit

4. Delete 950 (Tools/add/delete field)

5. Check for bad records (there are usually about 3 per batch)

  •    Once the records are found, check to see if they are dups to records already in database,  If they are dups, just delete the record from the file.  If not dups, fix record.
  • Find {  
  • This usually appears in bad LDR
  • Do a record count (Reports/Field Count) - look for odd fields, search for those fields and take care of record as above,

6. Recompile file into MARC

7. Load - Use load table I (eye)

OCLC overlays:

Some, but not all Springer records are in OCLC.  OCLC takes the data from Springer, matches it to the print version of the item, and then add/subtracts fields to make the record for the digital version.  ISBNs for the digital version are usually in the records.  The DOI URL is usually in the records.

  1. The load table I, copies the numerical part of the DOI URL to the 935 field of the records previously loaded from Springer
  2. The OCLC records, with the same DOI URL will overlay the Springer records based on the match of the 935 fields.
  3. The OCLC records should completely overlay the Springer records.


Total reload - Feb. 09

Loaded all Springer records again, to add 935

Output all Springer records without a 935 to Springer0902output

 ---  Some of those records are not part of Springer 'deal' for 2005 on.  I eliminated those records from the revied file, so they did not get deleted, but they are still in the output file.

Re-load all OCLC records, to overlay on 935