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BUS 466 Tech Talk Booking Area

Entries are first come, first served. The first group to post their topic on a wiki page about group presentations owns that topic.

You must email me ( church@sfu.ca ) to OK your topic before booking your spot.

Week Date Group Name Group Members Topic
Week 4 Jun 1 Instructor Guy Mike Church Cybersecurity - How It Works
Week 5 Jun 8 Group 2 Muneeb Mirza, Aneet Malhi, Mohamed Mussa, Mavis Lum Retail Industry Innovation
Week 6 Jun 15 Group 5 Kevin Chung, Prabhjot Gadri, Nathan Lau, Dionne Rodrigues Fake News
Week 7 Jun 22 Group 7 Vivian Chen, Jon Mckenzie Go, Collin Lee, Jennifer Wen, Gavin Zhao COVID-19 Effects on Technology and Business
Week 8 Jun 29 Group 6 Irene Chung, Hiro Hattori, Kale Roy, Natalie Sun 5G
Week 9 Jul 6 Group 3 Daichi Keber, Gunit Sethi, Jessica Zhou, Yu-Ning Huan Edge Computing
Week 10 Jul 13 Group 4 Abbey Cho, Raven Bruan, Woody Lu, Arden Thiandi Deepfake Technology
Week 11 Jul 20 Group 8 Alex MacLeod, Jenny Ren, Jessica Kwok, Harjot Kahlon, Vivian Jiang Cloud Gaming
Week 12 Jul 27 Group 1 Jaya Gill, Lucia Shan, Spencer Unger, Jason Hu, Sam Thackray OTA updates with Electric Vehicles