A Soulful Wait

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Serena Leung | 301138383 | D200

Dip.. Dip.. Dip.. Dip.. A soft but steady sound of water dripped once again from the glistening, designer tap. Surely the boss will get that fixed soon.

Looking about, Laine could see his partner leaning against the white, shining marble walls grumbling. Roy’s face was distorted clearly in annoyance at the incessant sound. Chuckling, Laine comments, “I don’t think she can stand it either.”

Roy, Laine’s partner, retorts, “Her? Of course she can’t! That’s why I won’t fix it for her. HAH. Designer tap. If she’s annoyed by it, I’ll pretend it’s music to my ears.” 

Piles and piles of boxes full of new designer clothing were stacked everywhere. In the corner of the bright, 800 square feet storage room, Laine sat crouched forward. Staring blankly at the daily newspaper, he sighs. “Just one more day”, he mumbles, “and I’ll see her.” Not many know, but people who do thinks he’s crazy. Crazy for waiting, crazy for insisting, and crazy for not giving up. But no matter how much money, time, effort or dignity it takes, it is his mission to find her. 

Jasmine, she was his first love. Her effortless smile and the clear sound of her laughter still echos in his ears. They met in Bali eleven years back and spent the summer together. It was only a couple of months, but he knew she was the one. Their taste in music, their passion for spontaneity, just everything about them clicked. Yet, she disappeared the same summer, along with all record of their memories. But he knew, he knew she’d come back. Sure he is working a really tough job, but she is well worth it. “I just need to save what I can to give her the perfect life. Just as long as I can wait it out.” That’s what he tells himself when times are hard, which is like.. everyday. 

“Laine.” “Laine!” The voice of his buddy Roy startles him. He looks up from his newspaper to see Roy staring intently at him. For once Roy is silent, but Laine knew it wouldn’t last. 3. 2. 1. “Shit man, if you keep zoning out like that there’s no fucking way she’ll let you off easily.” Right on schedule.

“Ya, I got it.” Putting the newspapers away, Laine stands up. “We better go.”

He could feel the stares around him. Its been like this since he started this job five years back. Ya, he’s buff. He’s got the looks. And he’s carrying a damn purse. That and ten million other things. Never can he really get used to it, trailing after his “master” like a lost puppy. Now that he’s with Roy, it’s a little more bearable.

“Hold this! And this! Hold it higher! ROY! Infront of me! You need to block the sun! LAINE! Stop slacking, walk faster.” 

Laine and Roy are Mrs. Mckay’s bodyguards. Well, bodyguards if you want a nicer name. But truthfully, more like slaves. She’s scared of the sun, she’s scared of the insects, and she’ll never be seen without something covering her face. As if her face will melt, goodness. But well, the job pays, and Mckay did say she’ll find Jasmine for him - if he worked five years for her. And today was his last day. He just couldn’t wait. “Yes mam! Sorry mam, thanks for the heads up!” 

Roy turns back to stare at Laine with his mouth gaping like he was out of his mind, but quickly looks back to the road ahead as boss lifts her eyebrow inquisitively. Laine shrugs his shoulders and continues.

The day finally ends and the boss dismisses Roy. On his way leaving, he hits Laine on the shoulder. “Remember to call me up yo, I’ll miss seeing you” and motions for his partner to turn around. Laine chuckles and turns his head.

Boss beckons for Laine to stand in front of her and he does as instructed.

“I know you’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.”

He dipped his head, slightly nervous at the thought of seeing her.

“Do you really want to see her?”

He nodded.

“I’ve looked for her, and I’ve found her.”

He couldn’t contain his excitement and his usual tight smile broke into a real, genuine one. Compared to his soft spoken, calm and reserved self, Mrs. Mckay could tell he really cared for her. “She’s dead.”

Pain shot through his entire body. His eyes widened in disbelief. He shook his head. “It can’t be true. It can’t be!” He slumped to the floor shaking his head. In a soft whisper, he looked up at the boss. “Tell me it’s not true.” Even if it is really hard to stand Mckay most of the time, she is a woman of her word. “Tell me it’s not true,” he utters once again, looking directly into the eyes of his boss.

Looking straight back at him, she hesitated, but continued on. “She’s dead. But she wrote a letter for you.” 


There’s always been something I couldn’t let go, and that is you. It seems like a long time since we’ve been together, and I’ve thought about you over the years. I knew you  were looking for me. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t let you find me. I didn’t want to see you. I’m... married now. I’m sorry. I was dating my first love when I met you, but didn’t have the heart to tell you. That’s why I disappeared. That’s why I deleted all our pictures from your records. I know you’d want to ask me why. I didn’t want to lie to you. But that summer, I was running away from everything. I was the third wheel when he got married, and we still continued for five years. It was wrong. That’s why I went to Bali, I’m sorry. That’s when I started with you. Our summer together has made me truly happy. The night I left you, he called me. He called me without knowing if I’d go back to him. He already divorced his wife. He treats me well now and he loves me. You are a good man and I’m sorry you have to find out like this, but I want you know the truth. Forget me, you deserve someone better.

Forever sorry,

Jasmine Mckay, 2005

Wait something isn’t right. Reading over the last section again, Jasmine Mckay. Jasmine Mckay?! How coincidental can this be?

She nodded slowly. 

Shit! I.. I never once asked boss for her first name! It just didn’t seem to matter! Wait or.. seen her face fully... but...

His eyes opened with disbelief once again. Is this real? What’s going on? First her “death”, now.. this?

She took off her sun hat and he gasped. 

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. He died a couple years back, I really needed to see if you’ll wait for me.” Hovered in front of him was Mckay, Mrs. Jasmine Mckay, blinking her luscious long lashes staring intently at his lips. “I’ll take you in Laine. Just say yes.”