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The Gift of Giving: Angelina Jolie’s Humanitarian Efforts

Annie Wang (301139339)
Jennifer Lee (301147393)
Karen La (301147704)
Laurie Low (301134229)

Part I: Abstract

          Our project’s objective is to show the audience that Western celebrities not only have bad influences in their cultural society but a strong positive influence around the world. The celebrity we are mainly focused on is Angelina Jolie because she has been involved in and has accomplished many humanitarian works. The method we are going to use is a map layout in which to show where the places Angelina Jolie has gone to, and affected positively by her influence by mapping out her connections with string and thumbtacks to places in the world. Therefore as a humanist, we are showing how the third world countries have been influenced by Angelina Jolie. We hope the audience will understand that there are many possibilities for humans to make a difference in other cultures by opening their own personal world by self- motivation. This project is important to us because we showing how the audience could step out of their world and experience it as one.

Part II: Project Narrative

          The creative work my group intends to undertake is a map showing a visual description of a celebrity well-known around the world for her humanitarian works, Angelina Jolie. What makes this project original is that we are not just copying and pasting photos, but we are mapping out Angelina Jolie’s connections on a large map placing strings and thumbtacks on the map to show how the places on the map have been affected by the influence of Angelina Jolie. The reason we chose Angelina Jolie as our main celebrity is because she cares for the third world countries. She has made a difference in twenty different countries in one year. Angelina Jolie has been on field missions in more than 20 countries since 2001. The countries include Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Cambodia, Pakistan, Thailand, Ecuador, Kosovo, Kenya, Namibia, Sri Lanka, North Caucasus, Jordan, Egypt, New Delhi, Costa Rica, Chad, Syria, and Iraq. Imagine how many countries she has affected from 2001 till now. In these field missions, she visits Refugee camps to learn more about the conditions and situations in that place. She uses her public profile to promote the humanitarian causes through mass media. Not only has she aid refugees and the children, she has also established several charitable organizations.

          It is important that we undertake this project because our goal is to show how the Western celebrities, like Angelina Jolie, have strong positive influences across the globe and not just their bad influences in the cultural society. To approach this project we are showing the connections of Angelina Jolie around the world with a map along with narrative to explain how the Western celebrities are connected around the world and how their connections affect their cultures and other cultures. It would address the problem of the people that are always in their own personal world. However this creative work will show possibilities allowing people to step out of their own personal world and experiencing the globe as one. By not limiting one’s own personal world one can open up and see the influence of other cultures. Angelina Jolie has said that she does not believe she feels differently from other people and she has quoted “I think we all want justice and equality, a chance for a life with meaning. All of us would like to believe that if we were in a bad situation someone would help us” (KSBL, 2001). Since celebrities are human beings just like us, this means that we could also make a difference. People just need determination and information in order to be a part of our global society and that’s what we are aiming to.

          We have been involved in lectures and reading materials exploring many concepts including media, information, network, global society, pop cosmopolitan, archives and etc. There are the main concepts that would help portray to the audience. The medium we are focused on is networking within global society. It is appropriate for this work because the quality and the amount of information will be distributed through our piece of work. The use of networking allows us to disseminate a large amount of information to many people. By visualizing our final project, it is to show the numerous ways of how the celebrity is connected to their own culture, influencing others that they are also able to make a difference and be a part of the global society.

          The main inspiration for this project was the influence that the media has represented celebrities who has done humanitarian works. To find who the most influential celebrity was, we found Angelina Jolie to be the most positively influenced celebrity. She is one of the most famous celebrities in the world and is known globally. She has been linked to many different countries in her humanitarian work. It builds on from past works by others by breaking it down to how Angelina Jolie is linked to the countries and cities in each place; also by how her celebrity status adapt into other cultures living in the country and city. This work advances the current creative context and conversation by showing numerous ways of how the celebrities are linked to more than their culture and city one by one.

Part III: Process

          To accomplish the project, we will stick to our production plan, to be finished on time with no mistakes. Our process is very straightforward because there are no complexities. Therefore, it will allow the audience to understand the concept of this project easily. Since this creative project has a very simple concept, the materials being used in this project are easily accessible. The materials we planned to use are a large-scale map, colour string and tacks. Also if the audiences wish to create the project themselves, they could find the materials conveniently without any difficulties. Besides collecting the materials, we have to do research. With the resources we found on the internet, we were able to find the information that we needed by looking through her biography, articles and magazines to map out what she has positively succeed.

          Our timeline schedule we have created is to keep us all on track and make right choices to complete the task. Before production, we would need to make sure that we have all the components we need in order to finish the project. The components include the supplies and the research of Angelina Jolie. The main areas we are focused on are cultures and locations where she has made a large impact. For the pre-production research, we will complete within a couple of days. As for the production schedule, we will have general task to be organized. First we would need to purchase a large-scale map showing the whole world. Then we will have tacks placed in the locations we have discovered from our research. Once all the tacks are in place, we will be able to tie the connections with multiple coloured strings to indicate multiple subjects such as, health, lifestyle, entertainment and etc. Once all the connections are tied, our project will be complete. The process of completing this project will take about a week to finish it efficiently. To advertise our project, we will photograph a picture for display for those who want to see the original copy and the realistic size. For each country to have a visual, it will take two weeks for our project to be completed and presented.

Part IV: Biography

          I am an optimistic person and believe that we can make a difference. However I do not have any training from the past or experiences for this project because I have not been involved in humanitarian work. However from friends and family, I have learned about humanitarian funds. I have also heard about celebrities doing humanitarian work making positive influences globally. The experience I have is donating to charity such as UNICEF. UNICEF is the United Nations Children’s Fund that helps children in the countries that have been affected by World War 2. On every Halloween, children will be carrying a UNICEF box to collect money for UNICEF while they go trick or treating. I have also participated in the 30 hour famine in high school. The 30 hour famine is a World Vision event of voluntary fasting for 30 hours to raise money and awareness for world hunger. It educates us about world hunger understanding how people go without food for a long period of time. Educationally, I have seen my brother adopting a child from Africa, saving that child. What has inspired me was how much donations we can collect can make a difference in our world.

Part V: Outcomes

          This project will enhance my interest and skills by allowing me to pay more attention on what is going on in other countries. It will give me a better understanding of how just one person can make an impact on the world aiding third world countries. It has caught my interest in researching more about third world countries and what we can do to help. In the future I am planning on adopting a child, donating to them monthly like how my brother had done. I will also share the information I have learned to others.

          The specific format of our project is a visual representation. As stated above, our project is a map layout placing thumbtacks and strings connecting to countries on the map that are influenced by the participation of Angelina Jolie’s humanitarian works. We wish to present this through the internet and in person with our completed project.

Part VI: Supporting Materials

          We decided to focus on one main celebrity who has made a strong impact out of the numerous celebrities out in the world. The final choice of the one well known celebrity is Angelina Jolie because of the initial research which have described when, where and what she has accomplished her humanitarian work. We got this information from the following sites:

KSBL. Angelina Jolie – Humanitarian Work. Retrieved from http://users.teol.net/~ajolie/Content/Angelina%20Jolie%20-%20Humanitarian%20work.htm

Look to the Stars. (2012). Angelina Jolie Charity Work, Events and Causes. Retrieved from http://www.looktothestars.org/celebrity/2-angelina-jolie

Part VII: Budget

The materials we will be using are:
String/Twine                                   $10
Tacks/Pins                                     $10
Map/Poster Board                           $20
Image Development                         $10
Total                                              $50

          We do not have many materials that would cost a large amount because we want others to be able to establish our project with their connections and experience. The materials we are using can be found in most of the malls. Our focal point is to have each country to be physically constructed with one piece. If there was a piece in each country, the first and third world nations would not be separated into classism. From what we have researched, we discovered that there are 196 nations in the world. Therefore if we were to use the total amount per counter, our total budget would be 50 x 196 = $9600. If we were given a budget of $15000, we would be able to stay within this budget and possibly return some of it. The extra $5400 would be for human errors, shipping or obstacles we encounter during the process of our project.