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NOTE: The resources below are in the order that they occur to me, not of importance... only you and your team can decide what really counts as important for your audience!


As I'm sure you've noticed, injuries at local trampoline parks have been in the news quite a bit over the last year. A good news article will identify key issues, major stakeholders, and relevant research, so searching our news databases should be one of your first steps!



  • Click here for a rough exploratory search of Canadian Newsstream on this topic
  • Factiva for news articles from around the world

Industry resources and associations

  • Note: Using Google Scholar, I see that the academic study above has been cited over 20 times since it was published just a few years ago. Perhaps some of those citing articles/books will be useful?

Examples of safety policies

Can you learn from the experiences of others -- both what to do and what not to do? I found these policies with just a few minutes of searching. I'm sure you could dig up more if necessary.

  • See also the interesting comments and stats in the waiver from the Calgary location of this chain.

Articles in journals & magazines

A. Use Academic Search Premier to find articles in popular magazines, as well as in a very broad range of academic journals.

B.Here are a few magazines read by safety professionals. They might not have much (or anything!) specifically on trampolines, but such magazines may have information that would help you understand best practices in training, inspections, etc.

C. And for academic research on safety issues, see such journals as the following. Again, don't focus solely on trampolines: What can you learn about policy design, training, etc. that might be applicable to the trampoline situation?

D. From a medical perspective, your main academic journal article database is Medline. Start with this rough search. Be sure to use Google Scholar to look for articles that have cited your best Medline results, as mentioned in the Industry Associations section above.

Legal perspective

  • A lawyer's post or article can often be a good place to start understanding the legal issues surrounding a topic. In this case, some specific statistics and recent civil cases are also mentioned. Follow those leads!
  • Still with law offices, see this site from Preszler Injury Lawyers and Will Davidson, LLP for further examples of this sort of article.


E. Active & Safe Central - Trampoline

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