The Future of Movie Theatres

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TIP: This topic involves looking forward in a time of unprecedented upheaval in the movie industry overall, particularly in theatres/cinemas. What will the future look like? No one has a perfect crystal ball, yet many people have opinions.

Watch for any evidence that those opinions take trends and research into account, and for any indication that the people making the forecasts have deep experience and expertise in the area... and even then you should remember that they are still only opinions and could be wrong.

  • Can you find multiple, high-quality opinions that seem to be saying roughly the same thing?
  • Can you find details on underlying trends and make your own forecasts, perhaps backed-up with the highest quality forecasts by others?
  • Can you find examples of actions other companies in the industry have taken and learn from their successes and failures?

The following resources are meant to help you start spotting trends, forecasts, and new experiments with operating models. These resources are only a start -- read widely, and ask for help if you get stuck!

These resources are in random order... try them all!

Industry associations

A relevant industry association will often have briefs, reports, and news on major issues facing the entire industry.

  • Features recorded webinars about the future of the industry and reports on the impact of COVID-19.


Given the fast-changing nature of this topic, news sources are especially valuable. Start with these databases:

  • Factiva is one of your best sources for business & industry news in general and should be one of your main tools for this topic.
  • Be sure to search for news about other movie theatre companies, about the industry overall, and about related industries -- articles about solutions and trends seen elsewhere may be relevant to the Cineplex situation (sample). See this screen shot for a screen capture of a rough search example in Factiva.
  • Canadian Newsstream provides a more Canada-focused news search. Here are a few examples of the sorts of articles in Newsstream:
  • Industry news -- sources focused on the movie/entertainment industry -- can often provide deeper details and analysis than you might get from the general news. Factiva (above) covers many key industry magazines, and many industry associations (also above) have magazines or newsletters. Also see...


Statista has statistics on almost any topic, including this one!

Public opinion polling resources

sometimes have relevant survey results, although you do need to be careful about what people say is also what they do. Here are a few examples to explore. Be sure to read carefully for any links to detailed data tables or full reports.

About Cineplex & its industry

  • Statista (mentioned earlier) offers some charts of Cineplex financial and customer data found mostly in its annual reports.
  • You might also want to scan some of Statista's Outlook Reports for different industries and markets.
  • NOTE: If you don't see "Simon Fraser University" at the top of the Statista page after clicking on those links, try returning to this page and clicking on them again.
  • Check IBISWorld for current overviews of industries in Canada, the US, China, and globally.


  • Many consulting & research firms offer insights on trends in many industries. For example:

  • Our Business Source Complete database contains many industry publications and academic journals that touch on this sort of topic.
  • Rough exploratory search

<That's all I have for now, but check back later in case I add additional resources! -- MB>