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I imagine that a report on this topic might require information on such questions as...

  • Are consumers looking for sustainable fashion choices, and are they willing to pay more for them if necessary?
  • What has been attempted in other companies and countries, and will such initiatives work here?
  • Are changes to the raw materials the only way that this local firm might become more sustainable?

Start Here

Most of those issues are covered at least partially in a few blog posts that I co-wrote just a few weeks ago to support an interdisciplinary program focused on a similar topic. The following link will take you to the entire series of posts:

Be sure to explore all the resources and search tips listed in those posts as I will be trying to not duplicate content here. Instead, I'll focus on filling in some of the gaps between that assignment and this BUS 360W case.

Further Resources

A. News

This is a topic that is changing quickly as new products are launched and new data on changing consumer preferences is published. Be sure to monitor the news throughout the term so that you can base your recommendations on the most current information.

  • And try our broader Factiva database covering news articles from around the world.

B. Technology

A student from a different course was exploring this topic recently and shared the following tips about textile technology developments that might prove useful:

And here are some direct links to a few of the many new technologies:

If you are interested in exploring other emerging technology solutions, consider our Frost & Sullivan database.

C. Beyond materials

Of course, sustainability involves far more than just physical resources and waste; a truly sustainable organization will also examine their social and ethical practices.

Consult my guide to Sustainable Business Resources to find databases, websites, books, and more on this important topic.

In particular, the books mentioned in that guide might help you understand the big picture of the trade-offs a for-profit organization has to consider to move toward multi-factor sustainability. See, for instance, this ebook: The 360° Corporation : From Stakeholder Trade-Offs to Transformation.

And, since the shift to truly sustainable (in all senses) business models is a major theme globally, many consulting firms are doing studies and writing reports about it. See, for instance...

D. Consumers

Customers are a key stakeholder in any decisions that might affect a business model. Do topics such as CSR and the environment really drive their decisions? Will they even notice a sustainability message in the noisy marketing environment?

Our PsycInfo database is a great place to start looking for research articles on such topics.

  • Start with this rough search, but be sure to experiment with other search terms. For instance, this search explores consumer motivation factors.

E. Miscellaneous

  • I came across an article in The Conversation on this topic (see News section above). The author was an "Assistant Professor of Fashion Design, Ethics and Sustainability," which seemed like a pretty good authority to explore in more depth, so I tracked down her exhibitions and publications and her Google Scholar citations.

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