Sustainable Recruitment for a Boys Choir

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As with most research topics, it will help if you think broadly about what information might be applicable to the problem being faced by the choir in this case. Spend a few minutes brainstorming questions to make your research more efficient.

For example...

  • What have other choirs (all ages, genders, and countries) done to attract and retain members?
  • What do boys gain from being in a choir?
  • What alternative activities might the same group of boys choose?
  • What motivates young boys these days?

The resources that follow are just the first that come to mind. They are meant to get you started on your research, but I'm sure you will find many other sources as you start exploring.


Always check association sites for sections labelled research, publications, links, statistics. I'll list a few such associations below, but I'm sure you'll find many more with a quick Google search. In general, the larger organizations (national or international level) are more likely to have research and data.


Key databases

A few journals that you might want to browse for ideas

Sample: Mission Impossible? (How to Recruit and Retain Junior High Male Chorus Members)

  • Tips:


A. Your case included a mention of a study by Hill Strategies on choral singing in Canada. The full report from that study is available here. You can also find a more infgraphic-laden version here.

B. I'm sure you could find these yourselves... but here are the BC Boys Choir website and their Facebook page.

C. I came across this UK-based firm: My Choir Marketing Services. On a quick scan, it looks like his blog has some interesting tips based on his experience with many choirs. For example... "Choir recruitment – a never-ending struggle."

D. Similarly, the Choir Resources site includes a Grow section with tips on recruiting new singers of all ages.

<That's all for now, but check back later in case I've added anything. -- MB>