Safety in the Film Industry

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Here are a few tips about sources, subject headings, and strategies that you may want to start with. Note that this is just a start: think broadly about the sort of information you need and about who might have that information (government/association/academic/news/etc.).

NOTE: The resources below are in the order that they occur to me, not of importance... only you and your team can decide what really counts as important for your audience!

Industry resources and associations

  • Mission: "To make British Columbia the safest place in the world for the production of motion pictures, television, live events and performing arts by providing trusted and reliable occupational health and safety education, training and resources to the employers, supervisors and workers we serve."
  • Learn more about the local motion picture industry via Creative BC
  • Safety First - details on a safety course offered through a film school
  • Disney Production Safety - programs, documents and guidebooks aimed at those working on productions for Disney, including a link to the following BC-specific guide:

Government information

Articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers

A. Our main business magazine/journal database, Business Source Complete doesn't appear to have much on safety specifically in the motion picture industry, but it does have quite a bit on occupational/industrial safety in general. Perhaps some of the details on how safety is achieved in other industries could be applied to your case?

Search terms to explore:

  • Accident prevention
  • Work-related injuries
  • Occupational training
  • Industrial safety
  • Occupational hazards

Here are a few magazines read by safety professionals:

And for academic research on workplace safety issues, see such journals as...

B. For more of a Canadian perspective, try CBCA Complete and look for articles using the same terms that you used in Business Source Complete. Also try Canadian Newsstand for Canadian newspaper articles.


A. Try combinations of the following Subjects in the SFU Library Catalogue:

Here are a few (somewhat older) titles specifically on safety in the motion picture industry, but be sure to also explore the more general search terms above to see if there is broader industrial safety information that you could apply to your target industry.

And the following book is on order... I'm hoping that it gets here in time for you all to use for your assignment!

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