Rankings of Scholarly Journals

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One part of your assignment may involve talking about the relative quality of the research resources you have found. For the scholarly journal articles in your result list, there are published rankings of academic journals that you could consult for evidence that the material you are using is of high quality.

  • One of the best recognized journal rankings are the Journal Citation Reports via the SFU Library. These reports include "impact factors" for many academic journals which measure how often articles in those journals are being cited by other journals.

  • A more business-focused place to start is the Harzing.com site which pulls together rankings of journals from many different sources. (Click on Journal Quality List -- Ignore the fact that the site is aimed at cross-cultural researchers; the rankings provided cover all business subjects.)

  • You can also sometimes get evidence of the quality of a specific article, rather than of the whole journal by searching to see how often that article has been cited by others since it was written. If the article is quite new, it probably won't have been cited yet, but if the article is more than a few years old, it should (one hopes) have been read and cited by other researchers.
    1. Try clicking on Cited References under More... at the top of the Business Source Complete search screen and searching for your article title to see if anyone has been citing it. Were there a large number of citations? Were the citing articles in high quality journals?
    2. Also try searching for your article in our Web of Science database to see how often it has been cited. Web of Science covers less business articles than Business Source Complete does, but is a well-regarded source for this type of information. Note that there is an online slideshow available on how to do this sort of a search in the Web of Science -- look for a link to it in the Help section of the SFU Library Web of Science page.