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1. This case will likely require thinking both backwards and forwards about Apple and other companies:

  • Which of today's trends will persist and grow?
  • Which industries that seem stable now are actually in need of some disrupting?
  • What parts of the world are ripe for changes that involve Apple's strengths?
  • What do the experts think Apple should/could do next?
Looking backward:
  • How has Apple grown to its current state?
  • What companies did it buy?
  • What industries has it entered?
  • Can a trend be discerned? Is there a pattern, and can you use that to make suggestions about their next step?

2. With a quick bit of Google or Factiva searching, I'm sure you could find many articles, posts, and tweets full of recommendations about what Apple could/should do for the next stage of its growth.

  • Click here for a screen capture from Factiva showing how to create an effective search in that powerful news database.
  • However... remember that these are all just guesses, regardless of how much expertise or experience might be behind them. They're still important to read so that you are sure you've considered all such forecasts, but in the end you still need to make your own recommendations based on your own evidence.

About Apple

1. Passport

  • Choose Companies on the top navigation bar and search for "Apple Inc." Browse for reports and articles that touch on Apple and its main competitors.

2. Need a short overview of Apple's history, with details on the strategic decisions they've made to reach their current state? Our International Directory of Company Histories includes a entry on Apple written in 2012.

  • And search in GlobalData for another recent company profile, complete with a detailed SWOT analysis. (Search for Apple within GlobalData, then browse your results for the SWOT, history, investments, and other parts of the overall report.)

3. Statista offers many charts, dossiers, reports and more that will help you understand Apple, Inc..

4. Business Source Complete has many journal and magazine articles on Apple. (That's a very broad and rough search... you'll need to add search terms or use the limiting options on the left side of the initial results to focus it.)


1. Check IBISWorld for current overviews of industries in Canada, the US, China, and globally.

2. Frost & Sullivan provides strategy reports that are centred on emerging technologies, many of which have terms such as "outlook" and "trends" in their titles. Apple is mentioned occasionally, but many of the non-Apple reports may also help you understand trends that Apple could capitalize on.

3. I mentioned Statista earlier. You might want to revisit it to scan some of their Outlook Reports for different industries and markets.

4. Many consulting firms offer insights on trends in many industries. For example:

5. Also check out the resources on our Industry Surveys, Market Research and Company Information research guides.