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Here are a few tips about sources, subject headings, and strategies that you may want to start with. Note that these tips are just a start: think broadly about the sort of information you need and about who might have that information (government/association/academic/news/etc.).

Articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers

A. Try searching in Business Source Complete using various combinations of such Subjects as:

  • Generation Y
  • Millennials
  • Generation X
  • Generations
  • Baby Boom generation
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Convenience foods
  • Consumer behavior
  • Consumers' preferences
  • Marketing
  • Brand image

Keep an eye out, in particular, for articles in marketing/advertising magazines or in restaurant & food industry magazines.

B. For more of a Canadian perspective, try CBCA Complete and look for articles using the same terms (as keywords rather than subjects) that you used in Business Source Complete. Also try Canadian Newsstand for Canadian newspaper articles.

  • Note: Sometimes people skip news articles in their searches because they believe that such sources won't be substantive. Although it's true that news articles are quite different from academic journal articles, they are often still full of clues about related research, statistics, and issues. For example, this rough Canadian Newsstream search led me to this news article, which led me to this white paper about the results of research that a private firm did on Millennials and their food preferences. Follow all clues!


Search the SFU Library catalogue, starting with some of the same terms you used in your Business Source Complete searches. In general, remember that you should think more broadly to find useful books. For example, books on the Generation Y consumer behaviour and the resulting marketing strategies may prove useful.

Other resources

A. Passport will have many articles on GenY behaviours, eating out, foodservice, etc... For example, my first quick search of the database got me such reports and tables as:

* Consumer Foodservice in Canada
* Fast Food in Canada
* Consumer Lifestyles in Canada
* Canadian Consumers in 2020: A Look into the Future
* Starbucks’ Entry into Health and Wellness – a Gradual Affair Rather Than a Quick Transition? (Don't over-focus on SUBWAY!)
* Burger King’s new product blitz faces a tough road
* Consumer Foodservice New Product Development: Maximising Traffic and Broadening Appeal
* Generation Y: Marketing to the Young Ones (18-26s)
* Tomorrow’s Big Spenders: The Global Student Market
* Chained Consumer Foodservice Canada (brand share data)

B. If you need additional demographic statistics so that you can understand better the relative size of the different generations, start with sources such as...

  • Offers very detailed demographic data (with forecasts) at a national/global level.

C. For US consumer demographic/consumption data, try... Best customers: demographics of consumer demand & Household spending: Who spends how much on what, two ebooks with data on the demographics of consumers in the United States. Data is taken from the Consumer Expenditure Survey of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

D. Public opinion polling firms often conduct surveys that touch on Millennials, societal issues, and consumer trends. Start with the source listed below. If you find a summary of a survey that seems relevant, be sure to browse to the bottom of the page to see if there are data tabulations or detailed tables with additional data.

  • Consumption Trends in Canada: A Macro Overview
  • Foodservice Facts: Mining for Margins
  • The Disruptors: Millennials’ penchant for snacking

E. Our Vividata database provides lots of interesting demographic data on the consumers of different products and services in Canada. Check out, in particular, their "Leisure, Restaurants, Lotteries" section to find data tables such as...

  • Restaurants - # Times - Quick Service/Fast Food
  • Restaurants - Food Type - Sub/Sandwiches
  • Note: Using and interpreting the Vividata reports can be difficult. Start by consulting our Introduction and Advanced guides mentioned in this blog post.

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