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Here are a few tips about sources, subject headings, and strategies that you may want to start with. Note that these tips are just a start: think broadly about the sort of information you need and about who might have that information (government/association/academic/news/etc.).

Articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers

A. Try searching in Business Source Complete using combinations of the subject listed below. I suspect that Business Source will be useful in understanding the needs/wants/behaviour of millennials in general, but it may not have as much on their music desires and attitudes.

  • Generation Y
  • Generation Y consumers
  • Generation X
  • Generations
  • Baby Boom generation
  • Shopping centers
  • Shopping malls
  • Retail industry
  • Retail stores
  • Big box stores
  • Lifestyle centers (shopping centers)
  • Consumer behavior
  • Consumers' preferences
  • Marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Target marketing
  • Brand image

B. For more of a Canadian perspective, try CBCA Complete and look for articles using the same terms (as keywords rather than subjects) that you used in Business Source Complete. Also try Canadian Newsstream for Canadian newspaper articles. (Remember that newspaper articles can be great ways to learn about key researchers and publications on a topic. Follow those leads!)


A. Use the SFU Library catalogue to search for the many books and ebooks we have on topics such as Gen y, marketing, online music, and more.

Start with some of the same terms you used in your Business Source Complete searches. In general, remember that you should think more broadly to find useful books. For example, books on the Generation Y consumer behavior and the resulting marketing strategies may prove useful.

Other resources

A. Passport is more focused on country-level statistics and trends, so it is unlikely to have much on Coquitlam or BC, but it does have some articles on GenY behaviours and on retailing trends that may be useful. For example, my first quick search of the database got me such reports and tables as:

* Generation Y - the connected generation
* Make Way for Generation Z: Marketing to Today’s Tweens and Teens
* Generation Y: Marketing to the Young Ones (18-26s)
* Tomorrow’s Big Spenders: The Global Student Market
* The New Definition of Convenience Retail
* Retailing in Canada
* Internet Retailing in Canada
* Repositioning global malls to reflect consumer behaviour
* The Reinvention of the Mall: How Shopping Centres are Adapting to Global Buying Habits
* Millennials: Impact of their Behaviour on Global Consumer Markets

B. If you think you need some demographic statistics so that you can understand better the relative size of the different generations, start with sources such as...

  • SimplyMap - Canada - demographic and broad spending data mappable at the small neighbourhood level throughout Canada. Also includes mappable psychographic cluster information. Note that there are help videos available within this powerful database.
  • Passport - has very detailed demographic data (with forecasts) at a national/global level.

C. Our Vividata database has some interesting demographic data on the consumers of different products and services in Canada. Check out, in particular, their "Apparel, Shopping, Misc. Products" section for data on the consumers who visit "Shopping Malls, Centres or Districts", but also check out other categories to get an idea what brands and services seem to be common hits among GenY people. Note, though, that this database is in the midst of a major change to its interface and content this term, so it's currently not clear what data will be in the new version.

D. I was recently searching in BC Business when I came across this article: Marketing to Gen Y. It might have some interesting clues to further sources or issues that you could research further.

E. I sometimes find useful material on people's online habits in comScore's white papers, blog posts, and presentations (their Insights series). Start with a search for Millennial to find resources such as:

F. A few random reports that came up in my initial searches and seem potentially useful:

G. There have been several BUS 360W topics that touched on similar topics in the past. The research guides prepared for those topics may have resources that you would find useful. Start with these guides:

H. Statista (our newest database) might have some useful charts and stats relevant to this topic. Start with a search for "shopping center"' or even just a search for "malls." Be sure to check the Release tab to the left of any charts to see if there is a link back to the original source.

I. The International Council of Shopping Centers restricts access to most of their research information for members, but some of it is free. Possibly worth browsing to find things like: Shopping Centers: America's First and Foremost Marketplace.

Similarly, the Retail Council of Canada tends to not provide free access to their reports, but some are available, such as...

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