Growing Golf in Canada

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The resources below are in the order that they occur to me, not of importance... only you and your team can decide what really counts as important for your audience!

A. Our Statista database can both provide you with ready-made barcharts and statistics tables and help you identify useful sources. Start with a basic search for golf to find such items as:

B. Industry associations often provide both data and reports. In some cases such information is restricted to members only, but you may still be able to look at what the organization is doing (programs) to "grow golf" as examples that could be emulated.

  • The "We Are Golf" division of the WGF, formerly known as Golf 20/20, has a mission "to unite and activate the golf industry around key strategic initiatives that increase participation and retention of participants, inspire involvement and interest in the game, and promote sustainable best practices for golf facilities." They don't seem to have much about Canada specifically, but their research and reports on topics such as Millennials and Women might be relevant to the Canadian situation.

C. Our IBISWorld database provides reports on relevant Canadian and US industries such as golf courses and driving ranges.

D. Business Source Complete is your main source for articles on sports marketing.

Samples of articles found in this database:

E. Also try Academic Search Premier and Sport Discus (sample SportDiscus search) for articles. Here are a couple more examples of articles that I was able to quickly dig up...

F. Dissertations & theses, even if not exactly on the right topic, may have detailed reference lists that are perfect places to start your research. Many dissertations are now online for free and findable with a good Google search. Here are a couple that caught my eye:

G. Golf Digest is one of the major golf magazines. The preceding link will get you to a Factiva search for all recent articles in that publication. Click on Modify Search above that list of articles, then add terms such as Millennial or Diversity.

H. Follow leads! News articles and blog posts about golf might mention relevant studies. With a bit of work, you can often dig up the original reports from the same study, or at least more articles that review, summarize, and critique the study. For example...

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