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Some aspects of this topic are currently in the news, so I'll start this guide with news sources. Remember that a good news article may mention relevant research, associations, experts, issues, and perspectives -- all of which are great clues for you to explore in the rest of the sources on this guide (and beyond!)

Industry News

Canadian Gaming Business

  • Sample: See this 2014 issue with a cover story on attracting millennials and this Casinos section from their site.
(Apparently there is quite a bit of concern in the casino industry about Millennials not liking gambling. A quick Google search will get you lots of news stories, blog posts, etc. on this topic. As with all news, be sure to evaluate each fact carefully, and follow the clues to deeper sources.)

Casino Journal - Browse the whole site, but don't miss the Studies & Surveys section

GGB: Global Gaming Business Magazine


  • Browse the Industry field for the Leisure/Arts/Hospitality>Gambling Industries category to focus your search on articles about Gambling.

General News

Canadian Newsstream

  • Canadian Newsstream covers major and smaller Canadian newspapers. Start with this rough search


  • Factiva covers over 35,000 news sources, including all the major Canadian newspapers.

CBC News

  • CBC often has stories on money laundering in casinos.

Vancouver Sun (Note: the Sun is also provided in the first two databases on this list - useful if you hit a paywall at their site)

  • The Sun has published many articles about both money laundering and debt issues in BC casinos.

Government agencies

Gaming is a heavily regulated business, which means that governments at many levels keep a close eye on the industry. For researchers, that means that governments are likely to have reports and statistics, and they are likely to be free! Here are a few examples:




Industry Associations

Canadian Gaming Association Samples

American Gaming Association Samples


1. Business Source Complete

2. You will likely come across many mentions of the Peter German report on money laundering. There are actually two such reports: Dirty Money (March 31, 2018) and Dirty Money, Part 2 (March 31, 2019). Check the BC government's news portal for more news on money laundering.

3. Vividata Although it is complex to use, our Vividata database may be worth exploring. It contains data on the demographics of Canadians who have answered the following questions (among many others):

  • Casinos - Personally Visited Past 12 Mths
  • Casinos - # Times Visited Past 3 Mths
  • Casinos - Types Visited Past 3 Mths

4. Canadian Points Review Centre

5. Market/Industry Reports


  • Start with reports such as...
  • Gambling in Canada,
  • Casino Hotels in the US,
  • Global Casinos & Online Gambling, and
  • Lotteries & Native American Casinos.

First Research via Mergent Intellect

  • Once you are logged into Mergent Intellect, click on First Research to get to reports on Gambling & Casino Hotels industries.

6. Public Opinion Polls

Many public opinion polling firms track topics such as casinos and money laundering. See below for a couple options, with examples of possibly-relevant studies. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of each study to see if they offer free data tables/tabulations!

InsightsWest Samples:

Ipsos Samples:

<That's all for now, but please do check back later in case I add more resources and tips. MB>