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The issue of too few women on IT company boards as well as the broader issue of gender equality in the IT industry have both been hot topics in the news for at least the last few years. I'm sure you'll find lots of information, and I'm hoping this guide saves you some time and effort.

Associations & Think Tanks

Since this is a hot topic, both industry associations and advocacy associations have probably gathered statistics, issued reports, and suggested solutions. Seems like a good place to start! Here are just a few examples that came up in my first few searches. With a bit of digging, I'm sure you'll find many more.

  • Women in Games WIGJ: "Women in Games WIGJ is a not-for-profit organisation that works to recruit more women into the games industry and to support those already in the industry. It also campaigns to ensure individuals and businesses understand that a more diverse workforce leads to greater productivity and financial success."
  • This issue isn't confined to the IT industry. Might resources from other industries also be useful? For example, check out the reports and stats listed at the WCM (Women in Capital Markets) site.

Think Tanks

  • Try our Canadian Electronic Library database for reports by organisations such as the Canadian Labour Congress, Status of Women Canada, and the Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations. Start with a broad search across the whole database, but refine your search to focus on the Public Documents Collection (includes think tanks) if you get too many results.

Articles in Journals & Magazines

A. Business perspective: Business Source Complete:

  • Try terms such as:
  • boards of directors
  • corporate directors
  • women executives
  • corporate governance
  • equity
  • gender inequality
  • diversity in organizations
  • women directors of corporations

B. Sociology/Women's Studies perspective: Sociological Abstracts

C. Broad (multi-subject) perspective: Academic Search Premier (magazine and journal articles in many subjects)


Browse or search the SFU Library Catalogue using terms such as...

A few samples of the sorts of ebooks and print books available:


The topic of gender equality in tech or Silicon Valley has been a major news item for at least the last several years.

Our Factiva database lets you search for articles in over 35,000 news publications, at least half of which are not freely available online. Many of the publications in Factiva are business/industry focused.

  • Tip: Try some of the Expert Searches on topics such as Equal Opportunity or Corporate Governance.


A. The Canadian federal government has (had?) an "Advisory Council for Promoting Women on Boards." Check out their report: Good for Business: A Plan to Promote the Participation of More Women on Canadian Boards.

  • Tip: Once you find a report on your topic, check to see who is mentioning it or linking to it on the web. Such organizations and people may also mention or publish other resources that you could use!

B. The following two Plunkett Industry Almanacs each provide key stats on their target industries as well as directories of major firms. Those directories include details on the number of female directors or officers in each firm for the US-based firms.

C. Your case is focused on a specific company: Electronic Arts. You aren't allowed to do primary research (interviews, personal contact, etc.), but you can use secondary resources to learn more about the firm. For example:

D. The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a detailed report last month on this topic:

<That's all for now, but please do check back later in case new sources/strategies have been added! --MB>