Electoral Reform

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Here are a few tips about sources, subject headings, and strategies that you may want to start with. Note that these tips are just a start: think broadly about the sort of information you need and about who might have that information (government/association/academic/news/etc.).

Articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers

A. Search within the database Political Science Complete for a global perspective on the topic that may be helpful with the broader discussion of electoral reform.

Use a combination of keywords and subject terms drawn from your topic. Subject terms include:

  • Proportional representation
  • Plurality voting
  • Elections
  • Additional member system
  • Political reform
  • Election law
  • Apportionment (Election law)
  • Representative government
  • Legislators – Elections
  • Voting
  • Tactical voting
  • Legislators
  • Legislators -- Elections

B. For a Canadian perspective you could start by searching the phrase “electoral reform” in CBCA Reference & Current Events. Subject terms may differ in this database from the ones listed above, but you can use those same terms as keywords in CBCA.

C. Search many Canadian newspapers at once with Canadian Newsstand.

D. Additional databases definitely worth exploring:


A. The Encyclopedia of Political Science will provide an overview of the topic.

B. Try combinations of the following Subjects in the SFU Library Catalogue (and in other local library catalogues, including those of major public libraries):

Other resources

A. The Canadian Public Policy Collection contains reports and other documents from research institutes, think tanks, advocacy groups, government agencies, and university research centres.

B. Take a look at Canadian Government website. Alternatively you can enter your search terms into a Google search box followed by "site:gc.ca". By doing this you are searching only government of Canada publications and websites. Example search.: “electoral reform” site:gc.ca

C. Take a look at various campaigns and organizations focused on this topic: